#BookReview This Changes Everything #TuesdayBookBlog @knackeredmutha

#TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

This book has not left me alone all weekend. It’s one of those books which shouts out to you the second you walk away from it and makes you question yourself – should you put another load in the washing machine or should you read another chapter? I would also like to say that this […]

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#BookReview What Now @sharilow @BoldwoodBooks


Warning. This book will have you giggling from the first page. It will also have you typing ‘new playlist’ into your music app on your phone as each chapter has a reference to a great song. If you fancy giggling a lot and making a ‘Shari Low book’ playlist after reading it please put this […]

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#BookReview My Christmas Number One @LeonieMAuthor #TuesdayBookBlog


Don’t you just love a romance book with sizzling hot chemistry between the two lead characters? The chemistry in this book was INSANE. I read a lot of romance books and I have to say this book is one of the best in terms of chemistry. Readers – we’re talking red hot! From early on […]

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#BookReview A French Affair @jenniewriter #Bookish @BoldwoodBooks

This delightful book was like taking a little mini break over to Brittany in France without the need to leave my armchair. I think armchair travel fiction should become a new genre and I think Jennifer Bohnet would be up amongst the bestsellers as she knows how to bring her settings and characters to life. […]

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4 Synergies Between Romance ❤️ & Love Songs 🎤 @LeonieMAuthor #romance


I have a very special guest blogger today. Romance writer and soon to be debut novelist Leonie Mack. has a wonderful book coming out in September. I have known Leonie now for awhile and I am so proud of her for writing this fabulous sounding book. Today she’s written me a fabulous post. Take it […]

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#BookReview Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff @DellaGalton #WomensFiction


When the TV weather forecasters informed me that the lovely warm UK weather was going to be replaced with a lot of rain and grey skies I yearned for some book escapism. I wanted to be whisked away (in my head) to a gorgeous location, get the chance to live in someone else’s shoes for […]

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