#BookReview Only When It’s Love @ospringauthor #RomCom #Bookish


Oh, Olivia Spring, you made me laugh with your heroine Alex. She is hilarious and reminds me of myself when I was younger and on the dating scene. No self control and changes her mind after every inner pep talk. I loved the idea of Alex following this dating self help book which banned all […]

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#BookReview Take a Chance on me #Romcom

#Reading #BethMoran

I am a big fan of all reality tv programmes where dates and in some cases, weddings, are arranged before the couple have even laid eyes on each other. My favourites are First Dates and Married At First Sight. So I was eager to read this book by Beth Moran. Here’s the blurb: Meet Patrick […]

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5 Tips For Writing Comedy @AnnaBell_Writes #AmWriting #Romcom


I am super excited because the author of heart-warming and funny romantic comedies Anna Bell has come to take over my blog today. She’s going to share with us her tips on writing comedy and I am hoping she will also tell us about her book which I can’t wait to read as it sounds […]

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#BookReview What Now @sharilow @BoldwoodBooks


Warning. This book will have you giggling from the first page. It will also have you typing ‘new playlist’ into your music app on your phone as each chapter has a reference to a great song. If you fancy giggling a lot and making a ‘Shari Low book’ playlist after reading it please put this […]

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#BookReview Love and Ohana Drama @mpbaldwinauthor #romance


Fancy a funny and delightful read which will whisk you off to Hawaii? I have just the book for you! Reading this book brought the smile back on my face after a week of lockdown chaos. At the moment I am craving feel good and entertaining books like this one. Here’s the blurb: Love and […]

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#bookReview Christmas in Cockleberry Bay #CICB @nicolamay1 #ChristmasReads


Christmas is all about coming home and Nicola May’s Christmas in Cockleberry Bay has certainly made me feel like I am back in my romcom home. This book brought a smile to my face while my family wrestled with a stubborn Christmas tree and a box full of tangled tree lights. Ignoring my family’s tree […]

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#BookReview Love Offline @ospringauthor #RomCom

#OliviaSpring #Romance

Don’t you just love a book which carries an important and thought provoking message? This book surprised me and I take my hat off to author Olivia Spring. I never expected a romantic comedy to make me stop and think. This book was more than just an enjoyable romantic comedy. It makes you think about […]

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#Book Review The Cornish Key To Happiness #bookseries

Reaching the end of a book series can be a strange moment. You have invested a lot of time getting to know the author’s characters during the series and you have endured their emotional highs and lows. You are excited for the end but you know you are going to miss these characters so it’s […]

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#BookReview Winter Wishes at Swallowtail Bay #romance @KatieGAuthor


What I needed this week was a heart warming and uplifting romance – Katie Ginger’s book Winter at Swallowtail Bay satisfied all my book needs! It is also a Christmas romance and has achieved the impossible – it got me feeling excited about Christmas! I know we are a few months away but with everything […]

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Different Types of Kisses 💋💕 #AmWritingRomance

Before anyone says anything about the topic for this post – I am a romance writer so this is the sort of tough and challenging research I have to do. *sigh* I am in the middle of my current project and bored with writing the same old kiss so I thought to myself; there MUST […]

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