Networking For Writers #BookReview #Writers @Lizzie_Chantree


As a writer and author this book caught my attention so when the book blog tour came up I couldn’t type ‘yes please’ fast enough. This book is fabulous. Reading it can be likened to sitting down with a good writer friend, in my head over a creative lunch. *I miss these so much.* Whilst […]

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Why You Should View Your Writing Failures As Storms #AmWriting #MondayBlogs


Storms can take many forms; there are the storms outside which loosen your house tiles, play havoc with your flower pots, fling your recycling bins down the street, flood parts of your home and drench everything in sight. There are the storms in your day to day life which disrupt relationships, friendships, careers and life […]

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Thank You For All Your Support during 2020 ❤️📚

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone out there who has taken the time to read my blog posts in 2020. It means so much to me and you are all fabulous. I also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who have commented on my blog posts or […]

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#bookReview Christmas in Cockleberry Bay #CICB @nicolamay1 #ChristmasReads


Christmas is all about coming home and Nicola May’s Christmas in Cockleberry Bay has certainly made me feel like I am back in my romcom home. This book brought a smile to my face while my family wrestled with a stubborn Christmas tree and a box full of tangled tree lights. Ignoring my family’s tree […]

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The Importance of Being Able To Find Your Way Back To Your Writing #AmWriting

After reading as much as I can about the literary journeys of different authors, I have come to the conclusion that writing success comes to those who have…mastered the art of finding their way back to their projects. We leave our stories behind for a variety of reasons: We need to distance ourselves from them […]

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#BookReview Meet Me In the Treehouse @kelly_tink #Bookish


Oh my goodness romance fans – there’s a new romance author queen 👑 in town and she’s called Kelly Tink! This book gave me bucket loads of warm tingles. It made me reach for my handheld electric fan in places and it tugged at my heartstrings. This book also made me want to hunt down […]

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