I live in Wales with my husband, my two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats.

When I am not working or writing, I can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with my dog or sat outside my local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine.

Last year I wrote a book.

Instructions For Falling In Love Again.

What would you do if your late husband left you a list of instructions on how to fall in love with someone else?

Pippa Browning is faced with this exact dilemma, three years after the death of her husband, Dan.Buried at the bottom of a drawer are a collection of notebooks full of Dan’s advice on how to live without him.

Pippa’s notebook is red and contains his instructions on how to fall in love again.

But Dan doesn’t just want Pippa to fall in love with anyone – Dan’s crazy suggestion is that Pippa should date his handsome friend, Mikey Stenton, a known thrill-seeking ladies’ man.

Reluctant to follow Dan’s advice, Pippa enters the world of dating. She embarks on a humorous journey of self-discovery, with the help of her children and two best friends. 

It isn’t long before Pippa is finding it hard to ignore Dan’s instructions and Mikey Stenton.

Is Mikey really the man that everyone thinks him to be? Or was Dan right, and Mikey’s simply been misunderstood?  

An uplifting and heart-warming story about bereavement, friendship and finding love, the second time around. 

For more info on my book click here

185 comments on “Welcome!

  1. The Duke of Wellington is good enough to keep me coming back for more. Hitting Follow.

    P.S. The writing is an added bonus.

  2. fromdreamtoplan

    I love this presentation! 🙂
    Happy to have found your blog and I’m looking forward to following you! 🙂


  3. Finally, twitter does me some REAL good! I was suggested your profile and came here and ended up in laughing my heart out and enjoying your tales and also not to mention awe-inspired by your talent. I will surely look forward to your posts in my feed and its a privilege for me to hit the follow button 🙂 Cheers and Warm wishes, Minaxi ❤

  4. I’d be happy to do an interview. Thank you.

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  6. Hi Lucy,

    I’d like to extend a hearty Congratulations for your well-deserved Funniest Blogger award!! I just saw the announcement on another blog (Rosie Amber) and had to run over here immediately!! Thank you for the smiles and laughs – something we all need in this crazy world. Some days more than others. You rock Lucy.

    • Hey thx Kimberly – I mentioned you on a video at the bloggers bash – shout out to some of my followers. 🙂 watch out for video lol

  7. Hi Lucy, it’s so nice to meet you!! I had to follow simply because you’re hilarious. Can hardly wait to explore more of your site for more laughs. Steph

  8. I wanted to leave a comment on the Author Interviews page, but they’re apparently closed… anyhow, if you’d like to interview me AND/OR be interviewed by me, drop me a line – we can swap interview questions! 🙂
    Happy writing, fellow Virgo pantser! 😀

  9. Hey Lucy! Glad I found your blog. I’ve seen many posts both hilarious and extremely useful in the very first time I’m reading it. Can’t wait to read more.

    Happy writing! 🙂 x

  10. I love the new photo friend!

  11. Oh thanks – will get it sorted ASAP

  12. I have sorted it. Thanks for the heads up and advice.

  13. Great post Lucy.. thank goodness my dating days are over…..Sally

  14. Although no one would guess from my memoir and stories of binging on Japan, my dream is to become a philosopher comedian.

  15. Charlene Bullard - FaithtoRaiseNate.com

    You just inspired me to fix my about me page.

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  25. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – check it out here! https://annabellefranklinauthor.wordpress.com/

  26. Debarati

    Loved your blog. And I like Apollo and Duke of Wellington too.

  27. Dear Lucy, you’re a serious natural blonde! The puppy looks like you a bit. You must be kindred spirits! I wish you good luck & inspiration!

    Best regards,
    Maria 🙂

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  29. Hello! If you are still looking for a funny guest blogger on romance, I’m your gal! I would love to guest blog! My email is hotmess@hotmessmemoir.com. Thank you!

  30. Nice to meet you, Lucy. 😉
    Regards – Robert.

  31. This is so true! I know that songwriters often write a song and then see what the title presents itself to be, so I guess it makes sense with books too. I didn’t have a title for my book for a while, but I heard a song on the radio and it just fitted with my story. I must admit, I imagined that my book had been made into a film (we all do it!) and this song in particular felt like the end credits song, so I was lucky that I ended up with a name, but that took ages to happen.

    • Haha, that comment was supposed to be left on your latest blog post! I haven’t been on this blog since July 2016, I’ve clearly forgotten how to function!

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  33. So much fun to read about you and I love your ‘team’. Happy to meet you and look forward to reading more. Cheers from down under! 🙂

  34. Hey hun, I’ve tagged you for The Handwriting Challenge at https://wp.me/p5ad78-1iL 🙂

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  44. Hi Lucy. Tried to find an email id or something so wouldn’t have to bother you here. Couldn’t really trace one.
    So I’m forwarding the link to my ebook here.
    Truth be told it didn’t really start out as an actual book. They were a series of blog posts in response to an A-Z Blog Challenge. So the 26 chapters all revolve around a typical middle class Indian family as they go about their daily lives. The characters and situations depicted are Indian stereotypes presented in a hilarious style. I would really appreciate comments and suggestions or even a full fledged review. I would be honored actually. The name of the book is “The Adventures of the JP Family” and here’s the link.


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  47. hello my name is shantara I was wondering how do I buy this book vampire & single ????

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