How Your Approach To Makeup Can Change While Writing Your Book #Writing 💄

On this blog I like to record tales from my book writing journey. Hopefully a few of my readers will relate to my experiences. Today I am going to tell you about how my approach to makeup changed while writing my debut novel; Instructions For Falling In Love Again.  Makeup became my secret weapon while […]

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Things I Consider When Writing Fictional Friendships In Romance Books #writing #amwritingromance 👫👯‍♀️

This post is based on my learnings from writing my debut romcom; Instructions For Falling In Love Again, everything I gleaned from working with two editors and reading a ton of contemporary romcom books featuring fictional friendships through my book blogging. I am going to be honest here. Until I started working with my editors, […]

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Celebrating the Launch of my #RomanceBook #IFFILA #NewAuthor

#lucymitchell #author #romance

Welcome to my virtual blog party! After 3 years and 6 months of blood, sweat, tears, endless cups of coffee, 12 drafts, 5 rewrites, many hours spent at the kitchen table, countless time spent gazing out of the window daydreaming, loads of sweaty author nightmares, millions of texts and emails to writers friends, a mind […]

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Falling In Love With A Writer – Things To Consider #Romance #Valentines


The decision to fall in love with a writer should NOT be taken lightly. Writers are strange and interesting creatures, who need to be handled with extreme care. If you are on the verge of falling in love with a writer, please consider the following points below. On the flip side, you might get a book […]

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How To Accept You Are Writing In The Wrong Genre #writers


When you start out as a writer you don’t get assigned a literary genre. It is not like Harry Potter where an enchanted hat is placed on your head and decides which literary genre team you should be in. Finding the genre that you are most comfortable with is just one of the many crazy […]

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How To Survive Writer Guilt #writers #amwriting

Writer guilt can be nasty. I suffer from writer guilt and it manifests itself through: Guilt related to my writing: I still don’t have a self published or published book. How can I spend hours on something and have nothing to show for it? I should have sent something to a publisher by now even […]

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5 Stages of a Notebook Addiction #Writer #WritersLife

#newnotebook #writer #writerslife

As I writer I am constantly fighting my notebook addiction. I can’t walk past a stationary shop without buying a new notebook. I thought it would be fun to document the 5 stages of a notebook addiction. Darkness. The craving for a new notebook will usually occur during a period of writer darkness. Things will not […]

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