#BookReview When Polly Met Olly @zoe_writes #Bookish #Romance


I read this book and wished I had Polly, the main character’s new job. I found myself feeling envious of Polly working at To The Moon & Back dating agency in New York. I don’t normally get career envy when reading about the lives of fictional people but I did with Polly. This book was […]

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When Should You Disturb A Book Lover? #Bookworms #Booklovers 📚🤐

When is the right time to disturb a book lover? Interrupting a reader at the wrong time can lead to: An uncomfortable atmosphere. A glare. A snarl. Muttering under the breath. An angry outburst. Bad thoughts about you forming inside the reader’s head. Danger. Don’t panic because I have some advice: If you spot any […]

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How To Show Your Appreciation For a Blog Post #bloggers #blogs #blogging

Blog posts are great! They can be: Easy to access and you can read them anywhere (WiFi permitting). Short and sweet compared to magazines and books. Informative and full of useful stuff. Beautiful to look at. Uplifting and inspiring. It is only when you start a blog that you understand how much hard work goes […]

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