#Amreading The 5 Stages of a Fictional Crush #Writerslife

#Booklover #Writers

This week I found myself battling with a powerful and lingering fictional crush on a male character from Zoe Allison’s latest novel, Second Chance At First Love.’ I’m still not over it yet and have had to pause my reading as every time I open another book I picture…Damon (sigh) and his mid-thigh navy swim […]

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#BookReview Her Brooding Scottish Heir @EllaHayesAuthor #TuesdayBookBlog

#bookreview #millsandboon

Not only was this book my first reading experience of Ella Hayes, but also it was my…..FIRST EVER Mills & Boon. I feel like I have come of age as a romance reader. Before I read this book I was going through a reading bad patch; I was struggling to fall in fictional love with […]

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How To Connect With Your Inner Bridezilla – Read ‘Without a Hitch’ 👰🏼❤️@BeautySwot #SundayBlogShare #BookReview #bridetobe

Even though I got married many moons ago I still find myself gazing longingly at engagement rocks in jewellers, getting urges to try on beautiful wedding dresses, drawing up family seating plans with post it notes (when I should be plotting my novel), restraining myself from throwing a bunch of flowers at a crowd of […]

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