Unexpected Writing Curveballs and Big Decisions #writer


This is going to be a bit of a download so stay with me. Blogging allows me to do this and I always feel lighter after emptying my head of thoughts onto a blog post. The unexpected curveball Last week I had an unexpected writing curveball. I got an email to say I was through […]

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#BookReview Winter Wishes at Swallowtail Bay #romance @KatieGAuthor


What I needed this week was a heart warming and uplifting romance – Katie Ginger’s book Winter at Swallowtail Bay satisfied all my book needs! It is also a Christmas romance and has achieved the impossible – it got me feeling excited about Christmas! I know we are a few months away but with everything […]

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#BookReview My Christmas Number One @LeonieMAuthor #TuesdayBookBlog


Don’t you just love a romance book with sizzling hot chemistry between the two lead characters? The chemistry in this book was INSANE. I read a lot of romance books and I have to say this book is one of the best in terms of chemistry. Readers – we’re talking red hot! From early on […]

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