Help! I Think I Am Becoming a Plotter #AmWriting

Hello, welcome to my blog.

I used to swear I would never become a plotter. I was so loyal to my pantser roots. Over the years I have written loads of blog posts about how I am a proud and committed pantser.

As a pantser, instead of writing down notes before I start writing I use my first draft as my planning process. Everything comes together in what can only be described as a chaotic first draft. For years the excitement and thrill of not knowing what happens next has warmed my insides. New characters popped up like moles from mole hills and my plots took bizarre twists and turns. Usually in line with my fluctuating hormones. My character’s eye colour would also change every third sentence.

I have written by the seat of my pants and I have had a blast.

However, I have started to groan at the thought of chaos in the first draft. I also don’t like the idea of my second draft being the one where all the pain comes. As a pantser the heavy lifting starts.

All the first draft chaos has started to make me feel exhausted. *Whispers, ‘what has happened to me?’*

I am craving order and detail with my writing. I want to know what happens next and I want to know why and how. I am sick of planting seeds in my garden (my story) and watching them grow into a wild and unruly forest eighty thousand words later.

So, I have a new novel idea and I have found myself writing a DETAILED NOVEL PLAN. The worst part is that I have found myself ENJOYING putting the plan together. My former pantser self is currently screaming, ‘nooooooooooo!’ in my head. Omg I never thought I would utter these words. For noting, I have not been influenced by anyone on becoming a plotter, no one is forcing me and I have not read a book about plotting. This feels natural and organic.

Also, I have been working on the plan for a week now and keep going back to add more things. I have also written notes on my characters. *Whispers – who are you?*

No more internal panic for me. Its a nice feeling to know that all first draft chaos has been banished. My second draft of this novel will be amazing and all the heavy lifting will have been done.

I am sorry to all my fellow thrill seeking pantsers out there. I will still try and support you all but I can’t deny these strong feelings for a detailed excel spreadsheet titled, ‘plan’ any longer.

Has anyone else made the leap from pantser to plotter?

13 thoughts on “Help! I Think I Am Becoming a Plotter #AmWriting

  1. Lucy, I too just started to plan my newest story! I was exactly like you, pantsing my way through a messy first draft but it was exhausting.
    I’m not quite enjoying it as much as you yet, but I really hope this is my new way.
    Good luck! Can’t wait to read whatever you put out next.😊

  2. Same here. I’ve began calling myself a planster. Somewhere between pantster and plotter. However, I’m still mostly panster. But I’ll brainstorm an idea with writer friends before I begin writing. After I’ve written three chapters or more, I’ll plan some, usually a long synopsis of where I want to go. I have tried chapter outlines, but just jotting down a little info for each chapter and only after I’ve written a large part of the novel.

  3. Can’t say I’ve made the leap, but I do understand shifting from one way of doing things to another. The whole time, you’re asking yourself “Who AM I anymore??” Nothing in particular stirs the change, but you crave it and move towards it willingly. So glad this adventure in plotting is working for you, and that you didn’t resist it.

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