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We have to carry on being brave writers because readers need our stories. Some need our stories because they want to be entertained. Some require our work because it reminds them of their past and reading it will take them back in time. Some need our stories because they will act like mirrors and show them who they truly are. Some want to read our stories because they are curious about the stuff we write as they follow us on social media, and some readers need our stories because buried in our writing is something which will change, heal or give them new direction. They will use our stories like compasses and plot a new course through their life. They will see parts of themselves reflected back in our stories, parts that they might need to change. They will turn whatever is contained within our stories to heal an invisible wound or create inner rocket fuel to make themselves stronger. This is why we must carry on being brave writers. Our stories are valuable to our readers.

It doesn’t matter how many readers our stories reach. It doesn’t matter how many readers use our stories to mend their broken heart, find strength to change a bleak life situation or start a new relationship. Even it is just one reader – that’s enough.

You must carry on being brave. You must continue with that first crappy draft, you must finish the NaNoWriMo project, you must rewrite that good idea, you must pick yourself up after the last agent rejection or you must push forward with your goal of self publishing. All these things are acts of writer bravery.

We have readers out there who need our stories.

Pick up that pen, open your notebook and start scribbling. Or, sit at your desk, turn on that laptop and start typing. There’s no time to waste.

Carry on being brave and don’t give up.

7 comments on “Why We Must Carry on Being Brave Writers #amwriting

  1. Such encouragement, Lucy! 💜

  2. Thank you. Sometimes self-motivation simply isn’t enough and we need to look at things through our reader’s eyes. I’m so grateful for every fan who writes to me, sharing what my book meant to them. But even if our work is met with utter silence, the truth remains – we are doing something worthwhile.

  3. This is a good reminder for us, Lucy. “Even if it’s just one reader.” 😊

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