If you love all things festive and romantic please check out More Than Mistletoe – Twelve stories of festive love, laughter, and happily ever after … mostly.

Now, before I talk about these delightful stories, let me tell you something amazing and inspiring.

This anthology was formed in 2021, following the “Christmas Love Story” competition hosted by Penguin Michael Joseph during 2020/2021.

You might recall the blog post I did about this competition. All the authors who have created this anthalogy particpated in this competition.

If you read my post – something magical happened during this competition. It was such a brilliant experience.

Anyway, once the competition was over, some of us went back to working on our full novels (me) and some began working on a way to publish their stories.

This group of authors knew they had something special in their close-knit group and weren’t prepared to let that go. This Anthology is the culmination of twelve people who chose collaboration over competition.

It would have been easy for every one of them to lurk on the internet and go their separate ways after the competition ended, but they wanted something positive to come out of the journey. They are still on that journey, excited for what the future may hold if they continue to work together.

Their personal story is one of hope, perseverance, and the best of human nature – and the stories in our anthology reflect all that and more.

Oh, my days, what a fab thing to do! Well done, you inspiring penguins 🐧

Here’s what you need to know about this anthalogy.

Cosy up for Christmas with 12 very different tales of love with all the festive feels!

More than Mistletoe, the debut anthology from The Christmas Collective, is an eclectic and inclusive mix of stories, with swoon-worthy characters, second chances and happy endings.

Between the pages, you will discover classic romance, festive thrillers, LGBTQ+ love stories, hilarious romcoms and historical settings, these stories really do span the whole spectrum of festive fiction.

Featuring twelve up and coming new authors, this refreshing, diverse and romantic read, is a must-have for Christmas 2021 that will leave you reaching for your Christmas jumper, gingerbread cookies and a mug of hot chocolate!

Lumikinos by Lucy Alexander
The Ghost of Christmas Past by Michelle Harris
Christmas for Two by Marianne Calver
August in December by Joe Burkett
Under the Christmas Tree by Cici Maxwell
Killing Christmas Eve by Jake Godfrey
Christmas and Cocktails by Jenny Bromham
Christmas at The Little Blu Bookshop by Sarah Shard
Not Today, Santa by Martha May Little
Sealed with a Christmas Kiss by Bláithín O’Reilly Murphy
Love Forever by Donna Gowland
The Last Christmas by S.L.Robinson

Here’s what I thought of the anthology:

Overall I thought it was a fabulous collection of stories about Christmas and love. It gave me hope, laughter, spooky feelings, historical settings and emotional journeys of self discovery.

Joe Burkett – your gorgeous story made me teary and reach for another biscuit! Can’t wait to read more from you.

Lucy Alexander – fab story which made me think a lot about snow and I loved the mysterious angle you took with the tale. Excellent story!

Michelle Harris – just brilliant! I love the way you write. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Marianne Calver – those last few sentences about seeing a certain someone’s vulnerability made me want to reach out and hug you…and them! Lol!

Cici Maxwell – great story, fab characters and I can’t wait to read the next part in ‘Trimming the Tree.’

Jake Godfrey – wow! This story took me by surprise. Very engaging. It was fab! Cannot wait to read more from you.

Jenny Bromham – fabulous and just what I needed. It put a smile on my face and included one of my favourite lines – if I didn’t have a newly deepened reserve of Christmas spirit, I don’t think I’d be nearly as restrained 🤣

Sarah Shard – what a brilliant story and premise. Michael’s feelings at the end 😭

Martha May Little – please can you ask your character Chris if he can make that speech to me – the one which starts with – You are the funniest, most clever, beautiful and infuriating woman… Oh my days, Izzy, what a speech! 😭

Bláithín O’Reilly Murphy – wonderful! Love the way you write and your character Avery.

Donna Gowland – your story made me smile and a little emotional. I was thinking about your characters for days afterwards.

S.L.Robinson – I can’t wait to read the next part of this. Henry and William – I am so hooked!

This anthology is launching tomorrow – 1st November. Here’s the pre order link

This anthology works well when read with a mug of hot tea and a tin of luxury biscuits.

Great job everyone – you should be very proud xxxx

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  1. Sounds like an absolute must read!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas pick me up!

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