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#BookReview The Single Dad’s Christmas Proposal @EllaHayesAuthor


Dear Santa, for Christmas please can I have a new fictional crush – preferably a handsome, professional snowboarder who wants me to escape with him and his large snowboard over the festive season.

Oh, Santa – you’ve given me my Christmas gift early! Romance author, Ella Hayes, has a wonderful Christmas read out TODAY and it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much xxx

Here’s the blurb:

His invitation…
…to a life-changing winter escape!
Extreme snowboarder Dax is no stranger to a challenge. Still, nothing could have prepared him for his greatest challenge yet: fatherhood! Six-year-old Yann was kept a secret by his late mother. Now Dax is determined to make up for lost time. But with a work commitment in Chamonix, he needs a step-in nanny…and single mom Simone is the perfect candidate! Will Simone say yes to Dax—and a Christmas to remember?

Here’s my review

Yum! That’s one word to describe Dax, the extreme free riding snowboarder, who is the male lead in this romance. As with all of Ella Hayes’s male characters Dax was an instant crush. I could picture him so well. I love an attractive sporty male hero with a big heart. Dax gave me all the tingles.

Simone, the female character, was good and she matched with Dax well. I think she was good for him and you need that in a romance story. I loved Yann, Dax’s daughter and the connection she had with Simone.

All Ella Hayes’s characters in her books go on emotional journeys of self-discovery. This book certainly has that for both Dax and Simone. There’s a lot of feelings to be worked through and that’s what I want in a romance read. I want to experience the highs and lows of the characters in a book.

This is an intense and powerful Christmas romance which will leave you a little flustered whilst you are busy scoffing mince pies and visualising Dax on his snowboard.

Fabulous read!

Here’s the link 😍 Please click here.

Ella Hayes won the Prima Magazine “Love to Write Competition” in Association with Mills & Boon in 2017. She will always be grateful to Milla and Cormac for capturing the judges’ hearts in that first chapter because that chapter went on to become “Her Brooding Scottish Heir”, her debut romance for Mills and Boon.

Since then, she has written four more titles, and has three more in the pipeline.

4 comments on “#BookReview The Single Dad’s Christmas Proposal @EllaHayesAuthor

  1. Just the name, Dan, sounds brooding!

  2. Thank you so much for this Lucy! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my Christmas caper in Chamonix. I have to say, I’ve loved all my heroes, but Dax is super special. I spent a lot of time watching all Xavier de le Rue, and his brother Victor’s films on YouTube (they are both freeride world champions) for my own good, but all those hours totally informed my feel for the sport and the passion it engenders, and I think that there’s a little of both of them in Dax’s character. As for Dax’s looks…pure fantasy!!

  3. *A sentence went wrong there. Brain addled, me?

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