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When Writing Gives You That Coming Home Feeling #Writer


“Home is where you go to find solace from the ever changing chaos, to find love within the confines of a heartless world, and to be reminded that no matter how far you wander, there will always be something waiting when you return.”

― Kendal Rob

This week I realised something really important about my writing. For me, the act of sitting down to write feels similar to coming home.

Since my father died unexpectedly at the end of May I have found so much solace in my writing. The physical world around me has been in chaos. If you’ve experienced grief you will know the havoc it brings. Not just on an emotional front but also the administration side of dealing with a death is like sticking pins in your eyes. You find yourself lost in a whirlwind of forms, more forms and lengthy solicitor phone calls.

Opening my laptop has felt like I’m unlocking a door, stepping inside my fictional world where everything is where I left it and I’m savouring that ‘I am safe and home at last’ feeling.

Writing is a place where I leave all the daily tangles and routines of homelife at the door.

I don’t think I have ever appreciated my writing as much as I do now. This sounds weird but writing gives me a sense of calm and peace. It’s where nothing needs to be said, no-one needs to be there, but me.

Home is the tranquility we return to when the world turns into confusion.


Deep down I believe I have always known this, but have never really processed it.

What gives you that coming home feeling?

1 comment on “When Writing Gives You That Coming Home Feeling #Writer

  1. Huge hugs, Lucy 🤗
    I’m glad you’ve found your home in your writing.

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