This book has left with me such a crush on Anton, the male character. At the end I found myself drafting an email to the author, Francesca Catlow, about whether she could write a sequel…just for me and Anton. Also it left me with a longing for a beach in Corfu.

Here’s the blurb:

Fly off to Greece with Francesca Catlow’s Greek romance novel set in Corfu. If you like Patricia Wilson, Karen Swan and Victoria Hislop, then you’ll love this heart-wrenching love story, that will take you on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

In the post-pandemic world Melodie feels lost and alone, desperate to find something to remind her of her previous life. She sets out on a trip to Corfu to reconnect with happier times, only to be haunted by memories and events from the past.

While travelling Melodie meets an intriguing and handsome man who has the potential to change her future. However, will the young girl from the plane with piercing green eyes be the one to open the door to Melodie’s fate?

Here’s my review:

A gorgeous read and I definitely recommend this for a beach holiday.

The author brought to life Corfu for me so well I lost all track of the rain drizzling down outside and my husband doing DIY. Some beautiful and vivid descriptions in this book and now I have finished it I feel like I went away somewhere in my mind.

In parts it is an emotional read especially as Melodie starts to piece together the secrets from her past. This book does have themes of loss and grief running through it but it’s also full of warmth and hope.

The standout for me was the characterisation. The relationships between Anton and his fourteen year old daughter, Gaia, was beautifully crafted. He is a great father and I think this made me swoon for him more.

A great read and one I will be recommending to book friends.

Author bio:

Francesca Catlow loves to travel. Born and raised in the heart of Suffolk, Catlow has travelled extensively in Europe with her French husband and, more recently, their two young children. Of all the places she’s been it is the Greek islands that have captured her heart. She visits as often as family commitments allow.
She has previously written plays alongside being a lyricist and performer. This book is the first in a series.

Purchase link:

Click here.

2 comments on “#BookReview The Little Blue Door

  1. Sounds like another wonderful read, Lucy!

  2. Thanks for the blog tour support xx

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