This book made me think about what I would do if I found myself unexpectedly single again in my 40’s. The thought of being ‘out there’ again after twenty years made me let out so many inner groans. For me finding love again would undoubtedly make great book fodder for a funny romcom. Obviously I am happily married with a dog, 3 cats and 2 moody teenagers. Luckily the main character, in this book, Twice in a Lifetime, Amelia, allowed me to slip into her shoes and experience finding love second time around twenty or so years later.

The standout for me was the relatable character of Amelia. I am so pleased Helga Jenson chose a broken hearted, forty-something, single mother of two for her lead role. Even though I like reading about younger characters it is a nice change to read a romcom about someone my age who once listened to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, wore pink leg warmers and sang Keith Harris and Orville’s ‘I Wish I Could Fly.’

I am also glad she chose someone like Amelia who gets carried away with her emotions and rushes into situations with her heart on her sleeve. This is so me. Well done, Helga 👏🏻

Twice In A Lifetime

Amelia might have met The One. But is she twenty years too late?

After her husband left her out of the blue, the only relationship 45-year-old Amelia Simpson has enjoyed recently is with Nutella and Pinot Grigio. While her 8-year-old twin boys, Jasper and Rupert, keep her busy, Amelia dreams of a life more than washing muddy rugby kits and weekly chats with best friends Sian and Jamie.

Amelia needs some magic back in her life – but magic seems in short supply in her small Welsh village. So when she finds the phone number that was given to her twenty years ago by a handsome stranger in New York, Amelia wonders whether he might be The One That Got Away.

But when Sian takes matters into her own hands, launching a worldwide hunt to find the handsome stranger Amelia met outside Tiffany’s two decades ago, Amelia finds herself on a flight to the Big Apple to reconnect with her ‘Perfect Pierre’.

But as the two explore the sights of NYC, has Amelia reconnected with The One? Or will she discover that the sparkle she was missing is actually closer to home?

A funny, relatable romcom about second chances that fans of Kathryn Freeman and Sophie Ranald will love.

Here’s my review

The best thing about this book was that it was so relatable. Just the other night I was talking to my friend who had tracked down an old flame from the past to see what had happened to him.

Amelia was so true to life. She worried about all the stuff that would concern me if I was ‘out there.’ Like for instance, when Amelia considers ‘how marriage and sex with someone else, is such a terrifying thought’. Her stomach let off big growls when she’s hungry and every top she tries on in a clothes shop reveals a hideous muffin top. All these would be on my list of dating concerns.

This was a funny and cute romcom. It was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up during a stressful few days. It was also great to see Wales featuring in part of a romcom too.

All the characters were good. We all need friends like Sian to rally around us when we are sad and get us back living life again. Jamie was adorable throughout.

It was a good read with a twist at the end and it has since sparked a few conversations with friends on the subject of what it would be like to track old flames down. This book will be great for book club attendees to discuss over a glass of wine or two.

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AMZ: https://amzn.to/3tBjxcw
Kobo: https://bit.ly/3sscn9g
Apple: https://apple.co/3x0vTNO

Author Bio – Helga Jensen is a freelance journalist, of mixed Danish and Welsh parentage. Twice in a Lifetime is her debut novel, and the first chapter was a winning entry at the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai in 2017.
Social Media Links – @HelgaJensenF

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  1. Another good read, it seems, Lucy!

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