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I am finishing this week’s book review marathon with something a bit special for all those who like a bit of HOT romance. The male character in this book, Lorenzo Romano or Enzo, has made me get carried away with the 🔥 emoji again. I was texting a friend about this book and she replied by saying ‘this text is just a book title and 🔥 emojis – nothing else?’ Enzo will make you reach for the 🔥emoji on your phone.

The author Cassandra P Lewis has such a great writing style that you feel like you are stood opposite Enzo, looking flustered…and already emotionally attached to him because he’s actually a really nice guy and agreeing (without hesitation in my case) to his proposition whereby you agree to act like his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding.

Here’s the blurb:

Dillon Benedetto always knew what she wanted out of life… to be successful and single; that’s all.

A great night with an incredible man is written off as another one night stand until she comes face to face with him again, in the boardroom.

After thinking about her for weeks, Enzo doesn’t want to let Dillon slip through his fingers again.

He offers her a deal that fits her terms and keeps her in his life… He needs a girlfriend for his sister’s wedding, and he’s willing to pay.

No strings, just a business arrangement.

They both deal with contracts every day, but this one was broken before it was signed.

Can they keep up the ruse and convince his family they’re in love whilst keeping their relationship strictly business?

TW: Mental Health, Bipolar, Anxiety

Here’s my review:

I became really invested in both characters; Dillon a strong female lead, who returns from San Francisco to care for her mum who has depression. Enzo, is the gorgeous man who Dillon meets in a club and who falls for her in a big way. Enzo is amazing in terms of a male lead. He has strong family values and loves his grandmother – who is a fabulous character by the way. He ticked all my fictional crush boxes. The love for his grandmother gave him so many extra ticks with me. Plus he has to overcome so many hurdles to prove to Dillon he’s in love with her. Can you see why I got so hooked on using the 🔥 emoji?

The characters are so well written you find yourself deeply absorbed in their world and it is dual narrated so you get to understand what’s going on in their thoughts. At one point I was Dillon struggling to stick to Enzo’s business proposition.

The chemistry and romance between these two is 🔥 I read parts of this book in a cafe earlier this week. At one point I had fan myself with a napkin and ask for an extra chocolate brownie (to keep my sugar levels up).

Lots of great twists and turns to this story. It will certainly keep you on your toes and will leave you dreaming about Enzo at night ❤️

I can see from the other reviews there is a queue forming for Enzo – please can everyone form a line BEHIND ME!

Purchase link: click here

Author bio

I’m Cassie, or Cas, or Cassandra.
I’m a mother, a wife, and a writer, amongst many other things.
I’m from Birmingham, England but now live in South Derbyshire with my family.
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but I first published a book in 2012, and my author journey has been a hell of a rollercoaster since then.
I write because I love to write, but also because I love to read. I adore the way a book can take a reader away from reality for a while, and I want to be in the driving seat… I hope you’ll come along on a journey with me soon

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  1. Hot romance? I’m in!

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