You always remember the books which get you through the difficult times in your life. They become little beacons of light as you lose yourself in their fictional world in a bid to escape your own pain. Well, this book, Real Men Knit, by Kwana Jackson has been my beacon of light. It brought me so much comfort in a hospital cafe last week. I do hope Kwana reads this review so I can thank her for writing such an uplifting and fabulous book. I got myself so tangled up in this heartwarming story about Kerry, Mama Joy’s knitting shop, wools, blends, needles, school children eager to knit and the gorgeous Jesse strong, one of Joy’s adopted sons.

Here’s the blurb:

Kerry Fuller has worked at Joy Strong’s knitting shop – Strong Knits – for years. And she’s had a secret crush on Joy’s son, heartbreaker Jesse Strong, for even longer. When Joy unexpectedly passes away, Jesse vows that he will keep the shop open, no matter what. And with no idea of where to start, he reaches out to Kerry for help.

Soon Kerry is teaching Jesse all the knitty-gritty parts of the business – all the while trying to keep her heart from getting broken. The longer they spend together, the closer they become. But Kerry doesn’t believe their relationship can last longer than she can knit one, purl one. It’s up to Jesse to prove her wrong…

Here’s my review:

As I read this book it was clear Mama Joy’s passing had left a crater sized hole in the lives of those who loved her; her four adopted sons, her local community and Kerry, her loyal apprentice in her shop Strong Knits. Mama Joy had been such a positive force in the lives of so many and her yarn shop was this place of knitting serenity for her customers, it gave them peace and calm in their times of chaos. So, from early on I was a supporter of keeping Mama Joy’s legacy alive.

Kerry was adorable. I loved her humour and sharp wit. She had me giggling a lot especially over her long term crush – Jesse Strong – who at the start likes the ladies and this annoys her. Oh my goodness there are some fabulous lines in this book. I also loved Kerry’s determination to keep everyone knitting, her extensive shop knowledge which she acquired through years of watching Joy and her efforts to stop Joy’s sons from squabbling.

The co-workers to lovers romance trope is one of my favourites and this was done so well in this book. Kerry does have her work cut out with Jesse. Teaching him how to run a knitting shop whilst at the same time trying to keep a lid on her simmering love for him is quite a challenge.

Jesse is a great character. Underneath that handsome player exterior was someone who cared deeply for Kerry. I also thought his efforts to keep his mama’s knitting shop going were heroic.

This is an uplifting read about falling in love one stitch at a time but it is also about a family and a community trying to make sense of the world after a devastating loss.

This book also gave me hope. ❤️

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USA Today bestselling author and native New Yorker, Kwana Jackson aka K.M Jackson spent her formative years on the A train where she had two dreams: (1) to be a fashion designer and (2) to be a writer. After spending more than ten years designing women’s sportswear for various fashion houses, Kwana took a leap of faith and decided to pursue her other dream of being a writer. A longtime advocate of equality and diversity in romance (#WeNeedDiverseRomance), Kwana is the mother of twins and currently lives in a suburb of New York with her husband. When not writing she can be found on Twitter @kwanawrites, on Facebook at facebook.com/KmJacksonAuthor, and on her website at http://www.kmjackson.com.

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  1. I really do want to read this one. It’s already on my list!

  2. Thanks so much for the blog tour support xx

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