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#BookReview The Hunter’s heart – Love After Earth @Astrid_S_Author #romance

Calling all romance fans who fancy something intense and passionate – but with a science fiction twist.

There’s a new sci-fi romance author in town – Astrid Sharpe. You need to check out her debut book which launches today – The Hunter’s Heart – Love After Earth – book 1.

Lately I have been talking about my trusty handheld fan being exhausted after some of the great romance books I have been reading. Good romances make me get a bit flustered on my sofa so my little hand held fan cools me down. Well – this book broke him – my fan! I kept urging him to go to a higher speed to combat my sweaty brow but he had nothing left in him so he fell apart. That’s how intense the romance is in Astrid Sharpe’s new book.

Here’s the blurb:

I thought my job sucked. But I’m about to be sold as a breeder to a seven-foot panther-man, so things can get worse…much worse.

Zensah is the reluctant leader of his nearing-extinction tribe. He’d thought he was paying the passage for willing settlers, not abducted females. If only he’d trusted his instincts and refused the trade. But then he would never have met Poppy, the brave human leader whose beautiful eyes burn with courage and defiance. She’s the only female he’s ever yearned to claim as his mate. But will she ever accept him?

When Poppy fights her captors, Zensah and his men help the humans escape, but find themselves stranded in the wild territories of his home planet. Determined to live independently, Poppy asks Zensah to teach her survival skills on their journey to her rendezvous with her fellow humans. She should hate him… Except she’s never felt so alive.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of abduction and some violence

Here’s my review:

This book was hard to put down. On a HOT romance scale this is a perfect 10. In addition it is very imaginative and descriptive so I guarantee a cinematic view in your mind. By half way you will be wondering whether you are in a cinema by yourself. Also the post book dreams are quite special too but don’t mention these to your loved one – hee hee.

The book has a great start – Poppy, a fish and chip shop owner, gets kidnapped and abducted by aliens on her way home. Along with some other women, who have been captured, she discovers they are about to be sold as breeders / mates to an alien species. However the human women decide to fight back and all hell breaks loose on this strange planet. The first few chapters are like something out of a film, action packed and a bit scary.

Things don’t go according to plan as the women put up quite a fight against their evil captors and end up being rescued by local tribesman Zensah and his men. Zensah and Poppy start off as friends and he starts to teach her how to survive on this new planet. Their love is a slow burn which I liked.

What I loved about this book is that it is dual narrated by Poppy and Zensah. This gives the reader an insight into what both characters are thinking but also it allows the author to bring a little humour into the story. Both Poppy and Zensah have different views on each other which is quite funny. He is in awe of this pale creature who at times can be quite rebellious and finds her screams so loud they ‘pierce his skull like blade.’ She has this great inner commentary. I was chuckling when she was wondering whether she needed to see a psychiatrist about her crush on a giant alien panther man.

The romance is 🔥 once both Poppy and Zensah struggle to contain their strong feelings for each other.

This was an entertaining read. I loved the world building, the strong female characters, Poppy’s wit and the caring and gentle nature of Zensah. Looking forward to the rest in the series.

Who is Astrid Sharpe?

  • She writes fun, sexy science fiction romance, with seven-foot panther-men.
  • Astrid has traveled all over the world, she’s obsessed with new places, science fiction films, and romance books. So, it seemed only natural to build incredible worlds with sexy, passionate characters who deserve only the very best happily ever after following their dangerous adventures.
  • An Astrid Sharpe novel will give you out-of-this-world characters fighting for love in a wild and evocative landscape.

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