There’s a beautiful and unforgettable scene from this book by Leonie Mack where the character, Nick Romano, plays his violin amongst Italian olive trees. Lou, the main character watches ‘the music pour out of him.’ Nick is described so well; his ‘hair curling wildly, his body lurched with the music, energy rippliing through him.’ It really is a fabulous scene with limited dialogue and whilst he plays Lou starts to understand him as a person. I thought this was really clever and worth pulling out. Going to be hard to forget about that.

When he finishes Lou wants to kiss him ‘so very badly’ and I found myself wanting to do exactly the same.

Escape to the sun and head off to Italy, with the wonderfully warm and ever-so-page-turning Leonie Mack!

TV journalist Lou feels battered and bruised after her divorce from Phil, the father of her daughter Edie. Her confidence and sense of fun have steadily been drained away, and she isnโ€™t sure who she is any more.

When the opportunity arises to accompany Edie on a music camp in Italy for a month in the summer, Lou jumps at the chance for new adventures, new horizons and new friends. The hazy warmth of the summer sun, shining brightly over the stunning Lake Garda, slowly brings Lou back to life.

Nick Romano, Edieโ€™s music teacher, loves being home in Italy, but coaching his students for their concert in Milan, is bringing back difficult memories. His blossoming friendship with Lou is the perfect distraction, although a summer fling would be easier to conduct without the scrutiny of his mother Greta, not to mention the interference of his extended Italian family.

As the summer passes, full of sunshine and breath-taking scenery, gelato and delicious feasts, Lou and Nick get ever closer. But as the time for farewell creeps up on them, will they be able to say goodbye and leave their memories behind in the Italian sun, or can a summer romance last a lifetime?
Leonie Mack is back with a sizzling, sun-baked love story, perfect for all fans of Mandy Baggot, Jo Thomas and Carole Matthews.

Here’s my review:

A lovely heartwarming story which will leave you with a lasting smile.

Music always plays a key part in Leonie’s books. With this book it was a trip to Italy and a music camp in Lake Garda. The music theme is cleverly woven into the story and helps bring it to life. I always think that Leonie’s books should come with a free CD full of the music from the story. Leonie – if you are reading this I have your next book freebie idea sorted ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved the characters of Lou and Nick. As the book progresses we can see they have both been hiding their talents and struggling with confidence. It was nice to see how the music camp and love brought out the best of them. Lou paticularly caught my attention as she had been through a rough time following her divorce. She has a great character arc and was a different person by the end. I also thought the character of Edie was great and the way the author made her light up the page.

The setting was beautifully captured and complimented the wonderful sounds coming from the music camp. The perfect backdrop to Lou and Nick’s blossoming romance.

Great job – Leonie!

Purchase Links: https://amzn.to/3qfXhDq

Author Bio:
Leonie Mack is a debut novelist whose first book My Christmas Number One was published by Boldwood in September 2020. Having lived in London for many years her home is now in Germany with her husband and three children. Leonie loves train travel, medieval towns, hiking and happy endings!

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  1. Lovely review, Lucy ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Leoni’s book has been popping upon my timelines all over the show! Definitely worth a place on my tbr!

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