This is a message for Dot Watson the main character in this book:

Dot Watson – what have you done to me?

I actually feel lost now without you in my reading life.

Can you stick a label on my coat and look after me?

Kind regards

Lucy x

Dot’s story tugged on all my heartstrings. It’s a story about loss, guilt, choosing life and the power of a little kindness.

Here’s the blurb:

Everything that’s lost belongs somewhere. Dot Watson just needs to be found.

Dot Watson’s life is stuck. She wasn’t meant to be single at this point, or still working in a temporary job she started ten years ago. She was supposed to be in Paris, falling madly in love, building an exciting career. Instead, every day in Baker Street’s Lost Property office, she diligently catalogues hundreds of lost umbrellas, lone gloves and an alarming number of shoes.

There’s a comfort in her routine that Dot has become quite attached to. But then Mr Appleby arrives at her work asking for help to find his late wife’s purse. Dot recognises his desperation and grief – and they stir something unexpected in her: determination. As she resolves to help Mr Appleby, what else might she find along the way?

Here’s my review:

Dot is a fabulous book heroine and I am so glad Helen Paris, the author, brought her to life. At the start of the book we find her working in a Transport For London lost property office. To others she’s perceived as a little pedantic and odd but I adored her quirky ways, her rules, her lost umbrella observations, her thoughts on her co-workers and her commitment to reuniting lost items with their owners.

Dot is also a bit lost with life, she’s lost her father, her relationship with her sister isn’t great and her mum is in a nursing home.

I loved how Mr Appleby and his search for his late wife’s lilac-blue purse sparked Dot’s journey of self discovery. She embarks on this trip, despite being jobless, to reunite Mr Appleby with the purse and along the way finds herself.

This book is beautifully written and I felt like someone had slipped me into Dot’s shoes. I seemed to go through her emotional highs and lows as she began to unpick her life.

In parts it was heartbreaking, This book covers some difficult subjects like dementia, bereavement and depression. It’s a poignant and emotional story however it’s also full warmth, wonderful humour and it carries such an important message; that even though you might feel lost in life, you can still be found.

Thank you, Dot ❤️

Purchase link. Click here.

About the author:

Helen Paris worked in the performing arts for two decades, touring internationally with her London-based theatre company Curious. After several years living in San Francisco and working as a theatre professor at Stanford University, she returned to the UK to focus on writing fiction. As part of her research for a performance called ‘Lost & Found’, Paris shadowed employees in the Baker Street Lost Property office for a week, an experience that sparked her imagination and inspired this novel.
Lost Property is her first novel.

2 comments on “#BookReview Lost Property @drhelenparis #LostProperty

  1. I have to agree, this was an emotional book, once you got into it 💜

  2. Huge thanks for the blog tour support x

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