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Romance author, Lucy Keeling is taking over my blog today which I am THRILLED about. She likes to multitask does our Lucy, she’s launching a new book TODAY, Just Friends in Vegas, which is the third in her fabulous series, Just Friends, AND…she’s over here telling us all about things we need to consider when writing a series. Bless her.

The last time I invited Lucy Keeling on this blog she gave us a great post which made us get all hot and sweaty under the collar, (it was titled, Things to Consider When Writing Sex Scenes in Romance Novels,) and now she’s back to talk about the Things to Consider When Writing a Series.

Before I hand you over to the wonderful, Lucy Keeling, please check out her books – they are everything you’d want from a romance series; funny, uplifting, full of relatable characters and the electrifying in terms of chemistry. This lady knows how to write characters who fancy each other.

Here’s Lucy Keeling.

Hello everyone,

Here are my 5 things to consider when writing a series:

  1. Cast List

My first recommendation is to create a cast list. Every time someone rocks up in your story make a note in a separate document or notebook – authors discretion though I do like a lovely new notebook – of who they are and how they relate to main characters. However trivial get them written down. (Feel free to thank me later).

  1. Back story – what makes this a series?

What is the thing that makes this a series? Is it a family, a group of friends, a band, a street, a village? Whatever it is, you need to make sure that you have it clearly mapped out because with each story you write, you’re going to need to find new ways of providing this context. And you’ll need to do it without repetition or ‘info dump’. This is so that each story can also work as a standalone. Which brings me on to the next suggestion.

  1. Series or standalone?

Erm, well both, ideally. You want a reader to be able to pick up any of the books in your series and understand what’s going on, and get a full story. And better still, go on to pick up the rest of the books in your series.

  1. Overall Plan

When it comes to writing I have to ask are you a planner? Might I suggest you map at least some of this out? You might want to drop some clues in book one, or start work on character development of some of your future main characters, in some of your earlier books. For example, I drop hints about Mya’s career throughout book one and book two, so that when it got to book three, readers were desperate to find out more. Similarly with Paige, her character is fairly well established in book one, but in book two it starts to change and in book three a key part of her character is getting a bit wobbly.

  1. Stamina

You’re going to really need to love these characters. You’re going to be writing about them, their friends, their village, their ice-cream parlour, their neighbours, their workmates, their pets – whatever it is that brings your series together – for quite a while.

Examples of great series (Yes they are all Romance):

Contemporary Romance: Alyssa Cole (Reluctant Royals), Alisha Rai
Romantic Comedy: Jo Watson, Talia Hibbert (The Brown Sisters)
Paranormal Romance: JR Ward, (Black Dagger Brotherhood), Juliette Cross (Stay a Spell series)
Historical Romance: Tessa Dare (Girl meets Duke), Virginia Heath
Fantasy Romance: Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling)

Please feel free to tweet me (@Lucy_K_Author) or Facebook me (@lucykeelingbooks) with your own recommendations.

Now, check out Lucy’s NEW book. It’s the 3rd in the series and I LOVE it. Fasten your seatbelts as she’s taking you to Vegas!

Here’s the blurb:

Is love always a losing game?
When Mya is with Smithy, it feels like her eyes are constantly rolling. His wheeling and dealing charisma charms everyone but her. Well, that’s not strictly true – Mya is only human after all, and there’s no doubt the man is hot with his suits and swagger. It’s just that Smithy knows Mya’s secret, and she’s not sure she can trust him to keep it from their group of friends.
As they immerse themselves in the glamorous and mysterious world of ‘The Suits’, growing closer as a result, Smithy has to question whether his time with Mya is destined to become a case of ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’

Book link – press here.

2 comments on “Romance Author @lucy_k_author – Things To Consider when writing a series #Amwriting

  1. I’m so excited for this. Book 3 is on my kindle already!
    And lots of great thoughts to put into practice for my writing, too!
    P.S. I have Lucy K to thank for at least 3 additiins to my beautiful notebook collection!

  2. Congratulations on your publication day, Lucy! I haven’t got to this series yet, but what a great post! I definitely need to read this/these!!

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