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#BookReview Author Emma Murray @MurrayEmma Reviews Other Women By @cathykellybooks

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I am delighted to have Irish novelist Emma Murray on my blog today. Emma is the author of The Juggle which I cannot wait to read.

Emma is going to be reviewing Other Women by Cathy Kelly which sounds fabulous. So, Emma, my blog is all yours.

Hello everyone,

Other Women by Cathy Kelly

The Blurb

Three women. Three secrets. Three tangled lives…

Sid wears her independence like armour. So when she strikes up a rare connection with unlucky-in-love Finn, they are both determined to prove that men and women can just be friends. Can’t they?

Marin has the perfect home, attentive husband, two beloved children – and a secret addiction to designer clothes. She knows she has it all, so why can’t she stop comparing herself to other women?

Bea believes that we all have one love story – and she’s had hers. Now her life centres around her son and support group of fierce single mums – the women she shares everything with. Well, apart from the one secret she can’t tell anyone…

In the messy reality of marriage, family and romance, sometimes it’s the women in our lives who hold us together.

My review

I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of Cathy Kelly’s latest novel from the publisher (Orion) and I was completely hooked from the first page. As a young aspiring writer growing up in Ireland, I devoured Cathy Kelly’s books and envied her ability to write with such wittiness, compassion, warmth and humour.

In ‘Other Women’, Cathy Kelly’s insight into women and their relationships with one another is still as astute as ever. Each of the main characters portray vulnerabilities that are instantly relatable: Fiercely independent Sid may come across as the picture of strength but every day she battles with a trauma from her past; painfully self-conscious Marin might appear like the perfect wife, but she constantly compares herself to the women around her, burying her insecurities in an extreme shopping addiction; and then there’s single mum Bea, who has overcome so much grief from her past thanks to the support of her fierce single mum group, but she carries the burden of a shameful secret that threatens everything.

Cathy Kelly is the type of author who paints with her words. Every setting is beautifully described in intricate detail which makes it easy for any reader to visualise not just the characters themselves, but where they live, work, and socialise. I loved this warm, thoughtful, witty novel. It is, without doubt, the best novel I have read this year. Highly recommend.

A wonderfully plotted heart-warming, humorous, compassionate novel about female friendship and marriage.

Other Women: Publication date: 15th April 2021
Link to Other Women:

Author bio

Emma Murray is a bestselling Irish author originally from Co. Dublin, Ireland. Following a career in banking, ghostwriting, and non-fiction, she finally got around to pursuing her dream to write fiction.

The birth of her two daughters inspired Emma to write a series of humorous and uplifting novels (‘Time Out’ and ‘The Juggle’) about motherhood and its impact on romantic relationships, women friendships, and family dynamics.

She is now in the process of writing a third book – the last in the series. Writing these books has been the hardest but most worthwhile thing she has ever done. Emma lives with her husband and their two daughters in South West London.

Author website:
Link to both my books: Time Out and The Juggle
Emma on Social media:

1 comment on “#BookReview Author Emma Murray @MurrayEmma Reviews Other Women By @cathykellybooks

  1. I read so many Cathy Kelly books, growing up. This sounds like another good un!

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