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#BookReview This Changes Everything #TuesdayBookBlog @knackeredmutha

#TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

This book has not left me alone all weekend. It’s one of those books which shouts out to you the second you walk away from it and makes you question yourself – should you put another load in the washing machine or should you read another chapter?

I would also like to say that this book gave me a knowing smile. Let me explain. I have family members and a few friends in the 70+ age bracket. I don’t know what it is about the people I know in their 70s but they are living their best life taking up new exciting hobbies, following life dreams, rewriting parts of their lives, reclaiming lost bits of their life and I say this in the nicest way because they are all fab, but they are also shocking the hell out of the rest of us with their wild decisions. Especially those of us in the forties bracket who are staring in bewilderment at them. So when I started reading this book and Julia (Annie and Jess’s mum) flies to Rome to meet up with her first love (who she hasn’t seen for fifty years) on the spur of a moment I had to check out her age. When I read Julia was in her seventies I sighed and whispered to myself, ‘Yep – she’s in that wild age bracket!’

Seriously this is a good book. Check out my review below.

Here’s the blurb

Should first love be left in the past, or is first love, forever love…

Sisters Annie and Jess are used to their mother Julia being spontaneous. But when Julia announces she’s flying off to Rome to meet her first love Patrick, whom she hasn’t seen for fifty years, it’s an adventure too far. So, her daughters decide the only way to keep Julia safe, is to go too – without actually telling their mother she has chaperones!

Julia and Patrick’s love story was everything – epic, once-in-a-lifetime, with a tragic ending and life-long consequences. First love is hard to forget, but sometimes, just sometimes, life delivers a chance to rewrite your story.

As the eternal city of Rome works its magic, old secrets, old friends and old loves become new possibilities and new dreams. And when the four travellers return home, nothing will ever be the same again.

Join Helen McGinn for a timeless, joyous, unforgettable journey through love, family, and long-forgotten dreams. A novel to hold to your heart and treasure, perfect for fans of Elizabeth Noble, Cathy Kelly and JoJo Moyes.

Here’s my review:

Great premise and engaging story line. The idea of the two daughters going to spy on their mother initially and chaperone her was fun. It felt like a good role reversal because all I want to do now is spy on my teenage daughters but in later years (when I am in my hell raising seventies) they will be spying on me.

Julia and Patrick were my favourite characters. Oh my goodness they tugged at my heartstrings. They’d spent such a long time apart but their connection was still so strong. The author did a great job at bringing their connection to life and giving me all the tingles. I totally got why they had been separated for so long but also why they hadn’t stopped loving each other. One of my favourite quotes was this:

‘People who are important to you, and you to them, remain so no matter where you end up or who you end up with.’

I also thought the author did a great job in giving the book that lovely family feel. This author writes parenting life with children very well.

As I said at the start of my post, this book captures the liberating life decisions you can start making once you are in your seventies.

There’s an emotional twist which I am not going to tell you about as I don’t want to live up to my nickname – Lucy Loose Lips.

A good read and difficult to put down ❤️

Purchase Link –

Author Bio – Helen McGinn is a much-loved wine expert on TV and in print and an international wine judge. She spent ten years as a supermarket buyer sourcing wines around the world before setting up her award-winning blog (and best-selling wine book) The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club. She is the drinks writer for the Daily Mail and regularly appears on TV’s Saturday Kitchen and This Morning. Helen lives in the New Forest and Boldwood are publishing her debut women’s fiction title in Spring 2021.

5 comments on “#BookReview This Changes Everything #TuesdayBookBlog @knackeredmutha

  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful!

  2. Covid has sadly curbed the adventurous seventies gang – people who were dashing round the world now have their children telling them.not to leave the house! Sounds like a great read and good escapism for young and old.

  3. Yes, I cannot wait to resume my wild ways, once we are allowed! Sounds like an interesting read, full of good ideas?

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