The idea of someone getting on a bicycle and hand delivering freshly baked, gorgeous cakes fills me with such joy.

I can’t explain why but this book is a good stress reliever. Reading this book gave me this wonderful calm feeling and I have been thinking about why this would happen. Before I read it I was feeling a bit uptight over the lockdown but all my anxiety and stress disappeared once I had dived in. I am wondering whether the subject of cake brought on this relaxed state, whether it was because the main character cycled a lot or whether it had anything to do with Hana (the character) not getting worked up at what life was throwing at her. This book has a soothing quality to it and at chaotic times we need books that make us feel chilled and relaxed.

Here’s the blurb:

Fluttering cherry blossoms, gorgeous kimonos and sweet and sorrowful love.

For cake-loving college girl Hana, Japan was the romantic destination of her dreams. With boyfriend Jin she planned an exciting new life in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. But when she finally arrives after months of planning, Jin isn’t there.
Hana is left broken-hearted on a rainy Tokyo street. Jin left no note. One day he just walked out of classes and disappeared.
Hana begins her new life alone. Watching cherry blossoms fall into the Tokyo river. Working hard and delivering her lovely home-baked cakes by orange bicycle. Then she meets handsome young farmer Hikaru, and glimpses a new way forward – in an alien place where she doesn’t know a soul.

The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is a sweet romance with a hint of magic realism. It’s a perfect book to carry with you and read on holiday or weekends.

Here’s my review:

I thought this book was enchanting. There was something so refreshing reading about a community in Tokyo and a young woman’s journey of self discovery.

I liked the character of Hana and I immediately felt sorry for her after she goes to Tokyo to see her boyfriend Jin and discovers he’s moved on with his life (gone travelling around South America). Korean born, Hana, has to fend for herself in this new country and finds herself in a bit of a mess. The only way to survive is to reinvent herself, learn Japanese, make new friends and start baking.

I love the message the author was conveying through this book; food and love brings people together.

The standout for me was this fabulous concept of a young woman baking fabulous things to eat, getting on her bike and hand delivering her scrumptious goodies for people in need of a bit of love.

An enchanting and sweet read.

Purchase Links – Amazon US here / Amazon UK here

Author Bio –
Su Young Lee is a Korean romance author who lived in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years and now lives in London, England with her husband and two lovely cats.

Su works in academic publishing and loves baking, playing piano and working on her calligraphy.

Check her blog here.

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2 comments on “#BookReview The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery by Su Young Lee #Romance

  1. Oh, this sounds like such a refreshing read, Lucy!

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