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Are You Bored of Writing The Same Type of Kiss? Here’s A List of 25 Types of Kisses πŸ’‹πŸ’• #AmWritingRomance


Before anyone says anything about the topic for this post – I am a romance writer so this is the sort of tough and challenging research I have to do. *sigh*

I am in the middle of my current project and bored with writing the same old kiss so I thought to myself; there MUST be other types of kisses out there.

Are all you romance writing kissing fans ready?

Here we go.

  1. Forehead kisses. Best served with a comforting hug.
  2. Tip of the nose kisses. Delicate and usually accompanied with some heartfelt words.
  3. Morning kisses. These go well with messy hair, sleepy smiles and pressing the snooze button on your alarm.
  4. Stolen kisses. Quick, spontaneous and while the world isn’t watching.
  5. First kisses. Add in some nose bumping, first kiss nerves, lock-in eyes and two galloping hearts.
  6. Kisses that travel down your neck. Best served after a takeaway, a good film and some romantic whispering.
  7. Goodbye kisses. These can be split into two; the quick peck before hurrying out of the door or the full on tearful snog. For the latter these are best accompanied with hands that are clinging onto each other.
  8. Friendship kisses. Air kisses or cheek kisses.
  9. The first time they say β€˜I love you’ kiss. Special kiss alert because you didn’t expect them to confess their love for you. Best accompanied with a chest full of fluttering doves, jelly legs and a gasp of, β€˜really?’
  10. Drunken kisses. Best served with some uncontrollable giggles, a bit of moonlight, a shared tray of chips and maybe a hiccup or two.
  11. Unexpected kisses. Usually occur mid-sentence and are the culmination of a lengthy period consisting of lustful gazes and long silences.
  12. Laughing kisses. Where you both start laughing halfway through and then try to carry on with the kiss.
  13. Earlobe kisses. Gentle nibbling at ears.
  14. Hand kisses. Best served during a romantic walk with a lot of hand holding.
  15. Empty kisses. Heartbreaking. This is when one party isn’t kissing back and there’s this horrible sense that they don’t care anymore.
  16. Wrist kisses. Lips pressed into your wrist and eyes focused on you.
  17. Breathless kisses. Best accompanied with some gasping for air at the end, a bit of staggering about and two shocked faces.
  18. Break up kisses. Add in wet eyes, thumbs wiping cheeks and one whispering, ‘I can’t go on like this…it’s for the best.’
  19. Cinema kisses. Best served in the glow from the cinema screen and with a giant bucket of popcorn wedged between you.
  20. Moonlit kisses. These occur during a romantic evening walk where you both gaze up at the stars, point out a few star constellations and when you turn back to each other you start to kiss.
  21. Kisses of desperate urgency. Face cupping is essential and so too are heaving chests and forehead pressing.
  22. Apology kisses. These are best served with a bunch of flowers, some heartfelt words and glistening eyes.
  23. The Notebook film kiss. This passionate kiss is best served in a torrential downpour. Face cupping is an essential. Clothes must be soaking wet.
  24. The Gone With The Wind film kiss. Best served in a passionate embrace with two people who have been engaging in a love-hate relationship. Sizzling chemistry is essential.
  25. An Officer and a Gentleman film kiss. One party is swept off their feet by the other.

Right, I am going to lie down in a darkened room with my electric fan.

I hope you have enjoyed my kissing research post.

Please tell what is your favourite type of kiss?

7 comments on “Are You Bored of Writing The Same Type of Kiss? Here’s A List of 25 Types of Kisses πŸ’‹πŸ’• #AmWritingRomance

  1. Nailed it! I have a character who could benefit from this glossary. She spends half the book wondering what those forehead kisses from her love interest mean!

  2. Spot on, Lucy! 😘😘

  3. Fabulous research. May I mention the one and only romantic cliche that nauseated me without fail? When he tips up her chin to look her in the eyes or kiss her. Maybe it’s the infantilising plus control that revolts me. Nobody has ever done this to me in real life thank goodness.

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