How Visualisation Got Me Out of Writer’s Block #AmWriting

#AmWriting #WritersBlock

Sorry if I am late to the party on this tip for getting oneself out of Writer’s Block. It has taken me a long time to stumble upon this technique and if I hadn’t of had a flashback to when I was in labour with my second child (who is now days away from turning fifteen by the way) I would never have discovered it.

I bet you are thinking – what the hell does pushing out an eight pound baby have to do with Writer’s Block?

Well, let me explain. My first labour was challenging and frightening in so many ways that I went into my second labour filled with fear and dread. Luckily I had this amazing midwife who made me visualise having a calm and relaxed birth. She made me sit in the bath (in the delivery room), close my eyes, do some deep breathing and focus on picturing holding my second daughter with a smile on my face.

The birth of my second child was a lot less frightening. I did end up smiling at the end and I do believe focusing on the result I wanted in my head really helped.

Fast forward fourteen years and six months and there I was in the darkest depths of Writer’s Block. It felt like half of my brain, the creative side, had shut down and someone had turned off the light. I had even reached the bleak stage of Writer’s Block where I started to ask myself whether I was still a writer. I couldn’t face social media as everyone was getting excited about finishing their book, launching their book or writing their new book in a flurry of a few weeks. I had tried everything; adult colouring books, jigsaw puzzles, doodling, writing my muse letters which started with the words; where the hell are you? and turning my body into complicated knots on the yoga mat. Nothing. I also couldn’t even face sitting at my desk writing.

I had the flashback to my labour with my second daughter while looking through old photo albums. It was then I recalled seeing this angel-like midwife urging me to visualise. I wondered whether this visualisation technique only worked for pregnant women who were hours away from being fully dilated and were having an emotional meltdown about labour in the corner of a delivery room.

So, I started picturing myself at my desk writing. I went about my daily life (it is not instant but give it a day or two) and I kept focusing on what it felt like to be writing again and the elation I was going to feel after I had climbed out of this pit of Writer’s Block.

Two days later I was back writing at my desk. It didn’t magically work out my issue which caused the Writer’s Block but it got me back to my desk which I had been avoiding and the thought of doing some writing had become stronger than not doing any writing. I felt so proud of myself and the feeling of doing some writing again was better than scoffing a Twix chocolate bar and sipping a cup of tea.

You might think it was coincidence. It could be. I have used this method four times now. Each time it has worked. I have even used it for finishing a draft of my novel. I simply pictured myself celebrating writing The End and I thought about how it was going to feel.

So, if you are trying to climb out of a pit of Writer’s Block try this technique.

– Focus on the image of you typing away with a huge smile on your face.

– Keep thinking of that image. Think about not only the image but how pleased you are going to feel. No one wants to stay in that awful state of Writer’s Block.

– Go about daily life but carry that image with you.

– Enjoy returning to writing 😊

Let me know how you get on.


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