Don’t you just love a book which gets you chuckling at the humour from the start?

I haven’t read Emily Harvale before so I am grateful for being on this blog tour. She writes funny and lively characters who have plenty of banter and make you giggle from the outset.

Here’s the blurb:

A Wedding at Wynter House
Wyntersleap series – Book 3

Not everyone at Wynter House is thrilled about this wedding.

Secrets have been revealed and new relationships begun. Now it’s time to look to the future. Neva and Rafe are in love and so are Adam and Hazel. Jo’s love life leaves a lot to be desired, although Gavin could remedy that.

But Rafe’s grandmother, Olivia still hopes that something will tear Rafe and Neva apart. Hazel’s new assignment means nursing someone back to health … and there’s history between them. And Jo’s receiving texts from her ex-fiancé.

Then Rafe’s first wife, Pippa – the woman who broke his heart, unexpectedly arrives. And she’s even more beautiful and irresistible than Rafe remembers.

When everyone is looking to the future, will the past prove to be too strong?

There will be a wedding at Wynter House … but who will be the bride and groom?

Here’s my review:

I really enjoyed this book. It brightened up my early mornings (I love a good read over breakfast) and it put a smile on my face as I shovelled down my granola.

The author grabbed my attention from the start with a family dealing with the revelation that their name, Wynter, is linked to a murder in the 1800’s,  an affair involving Rafe’s father which has resulted in the arrival of Cat (Rafe’s new half-sister) and her daughter Kyra, and a load of village gossip. By the end of the third chapter I was hooked.

I thought the arrival of Rafe’s first wife, Pippa, brought good romantic tension to the story and it got me shouting from the kitchen table. You will have to read to find out. Also the deeper insight into Rafe and Adam provided yet more intrigue.

I have to say Olivia (Rafe’s grandmother) is hilarious and I want to go back and read more of her.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your book tour, Emily.

Purchase Link – mybook.to/WynterHouse3

7 comments on “#BookReview – A Wedding at Wynter House #BookTour

  1. Sounds like another fantastic read! Love a good mature character, too!

  2. Hello, Lucy! You bought my book way back when, and I do not forget favors or people who help me. I always brag that I am an international self published author, thanks to you! (True Ghost Stories: Tales of the natural, supernatural, and just plain weird.) Now it’s my turn~ Let me know what you have for sale! I wrote a non-fiction weight loss book for truck drivers, and have been selling it, personal and one on one, to the many truck drivers I see in my business. Unfortunately, the ghost story book that you bought from me is a still very far away from turning a profit. Good luck to you, keep on doing what you are doing! (BTW, for reasons unknown, I sent a chapter or two to some French woman who corresponded to me on the internet. I mixed historical fiction with a little spice to get her going!) I enjoy seeing your posts since, way back when? Dean Ziegler

  3. Love a book that makes you smile 😀

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