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This post for anyone out there who has always secretly dreamed of writing a book and has spent a lifetime putting it off.

You can try to ignore it all you want. Feed yourself silly excuses like you have never written a book before. Deny you want to write a book. Tell yourself it is just a pipe dream. Bury the story deep inside of you. Tell yourself that writing books is only for people who have journalism degrees or have spent their life writing. Check your calendar and point out to yourself that you don’t have time to write a book. Dig out your old school english books and remind yourself that your teacher never told you that you had potential.

I don’t know anything about your life but I guarantee the urge to write YOUR book will keep coming back. 

I was one of the above. The urge to write a book never went away.

Here are 10 signs you are ready to start writing your book:

  1. The idea for your book has been growing at the back of your mind for a long time.
  2. You are finding it hard to sit still. If you are suffering from what we in the trade call, book idea fidget bottom, there is a book inside of you and it is waiting to be written.
  3. You often think about your story whilst you are making the school packed lunches, cooking dinner, cleaning the loo and scrubbing the bath.
  4. You keep looking at the calendar a lot to see whether there will be a free 52 week stretch, where you can sit down and write your book.
  5. You have taken to scribbling notes about your story. I can’t stress enough how close you are to sitting down and writing it.
  6. You are an avid reader and often tell uninterested loved ones at bedtime about why the books you are reading work or don’t work.
  7. When you are playing with your kids you can’t stop yourself from secretly acting out scenes with their array of Barbie dolls, action man figures and soft toys. This was me for YEARS. My daughters used to get up and wander off when we were playing Barbie Weddings because I would be lost in my own romcom world where Barbie and Ken would be breaking up due to his wandering eye for a Bratz doll.
  8. The thought of one day seeing your book in your hands gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.
  9. When reading a book you always read the acknowledgments page to see how the author started writing and you relish those author stories where they wrote their first books while their kids were asleep or in the small creases of time before and after their demanding day job.
  10. You feel something is missing in your life.

It is time to stop fighting the urge and being creative with your excuses for not writing your book.

Do what I did and start writing your book. It isn’t easy but you can do it. The writing community is really supportive and there are so many people out there who will happily give you an encouraging thumbs up or a virtual hug.

Go on – be brave ❀️


6 comments on “10 Signs You Are Ready To Start Writing Your Book πŸ“š #Writing

  1. Love this, Lucy.
    If you think you have a book screaming to be written, just write.
    That’s the only way you’ll know if you’re ready!

  2. You always manage to hit the nail square on the head, Lucy…
    I am struggling to cope with everything getting in the way of my writing, almost to the point of buying a gun and shooting a few people, just to get some time to myself!

  3. Reason #10 is the exact reason why I quit my job to write a novel. Not really the most practical of choices, but I had to get it done after eight years of procrastinating. Am writing my third novel now, and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made! Thanks for sharing this, Lucy.

  4. I’m almost there Lucy. I mean I’m allowing thoughts of writing a book enter my head slowly now. Unfortunately I don’t think any of my ideas look good to last through a whole book. More of the short story kind. Sad but there it is….. 😦

  5. Great and encouraging post. I find it very helpful.

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