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The Benefits of Imagining Who Would Play Your Characters if Your Book Was Turned into a Film @BeautySwot #MondayBlogs

The idea for this blog post came to me whilst cleaning my bathroom. I’d just finished Bettina Hunt’s fabulous romantic comedy; A Tempting Trio and all I could think about (with my head bent over the bath and scrubbing like mad) was who I’d want to see cast in the leading male roles if Bettina’s book was turned into a film.

This is what a good book can do to you. It will infiltrate your thoughts days after you’ve finished it and will make you think about it whilst you are going about your daily business, like cleaning the bath.

In Bettina’s hilarious romcom; A Tempting Trio, Sarah Dawes cannot help comparing men to her favourite desserts. This is not a problem until she finds herself having to choose between no less than three of them. David is her rich married boss, Adam is a mysterious, gorgeous guy she bumps into in a coffee shop and then there is Tommy, the sexy aristocrat whose huge party she is planning.

As you can imagine I was in a real quandary trying to pick three gorgeous famous actors to play these three characters; David, Adam and Tommy. I even had to go back in time and use some of my favourites from when they were young like Josh Lucas when he was in Sweet Home Alabama and Hugh Grant when he was in Bridget Jones. As you can imagine my bath was gleaming in no time after this enjoyable daydream.

This got me thinking about how beneficial this exercise of imagining who would play your characters if your own book was turned into a film can be. I love doing this with my stories and in my novel, Instructions For Falling in Love Again I spent hours deliberating which famous actor would play lovable rogue Mikey. I think I got my extensive list down to a couple of possible names; Bradley Cooper and Jude Law. Obviously there would be no ceiling limit on the casting budget for this imaginary film.

It is best to forget about things like the current age of actors and casting budgets.

So, with the help of Bettina, we have put together some writer benefits of doing this creative exercise; imagining who would play your characters if your book, draft novel or WIP was one day turned into a film.

  1. It can be a good exercise to do in order to beat the stress which comes with writing a book. Sometimes you do need to have a bit of fun.
  2. It can help with Writer’s Block. Sometimes having a visual picture in your head of how parts of your book would play out if it was film can be useful and can help stir up your emotions. So, casting your characters is essential.
  3. If you have already published your book then you could use this exercise with your readers on social media or in a newsletter. Ask them their opinions on who should play your characters if your book was turned into a film. It is a great way to kickstart an engaging conversation on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. If you like using Pinterest then you could set up a Board and pin pics of famous actors to give you some ideas for casting. You could even add the link to your reader newsletter or social media accounts and ask readers who like Pinterest to follow your board.
  5. If you struggle with describing the appearance of characters and their behaviour traits then it could be useful to think of your book as a film. How would you want your cast of hunky famous actors to act out your scenes and how would they come across to the viewers?

I hope some of you have found this post useful and please let me know in the comments whether you use this exercise.

If you fancy something funny to read then please check out Bettina’s book, A Tempting Trio. I thought it was excellent and here are my three famous actors who I think should play David, Tommy and Adam.

David – Matthew McConaughey from How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Tommy – Hugh Grant from the film Bridget Jones.

Adam – Josh Lucas from the film Sweet Home Alabama. 

9 comments on “The Benefits of Imagining Who Would Play Your Characters if Your Book Was Turned into a Film @BeautySwot #MondayBlogs

  1. Oh, I definitely do this. So good for writing, especially when you get stuck (#2).

    Great post as always Lucy!

  2. blindzanygirl

    Yep. Me too!

  3. It’s a great idea! I did that with book one and printed the pictures out, pinned on my board, for the main characters at least!
    And I could see the plot playing out like a movie then!

  4. Excellent idea. The trouble is that, being an ageing lady who hasn’t watched many films recently, I’m not very au fait with the current crop of actore/actresses, so it would have to be oldies (when they were young, obviously).

  5. Jimmy suggested Brenda Fricker to play me, I wasn’t impressed

  6. Hi. Please check my blog for details of the book club πŸ™‚

    • I will do once I have finished writing my novel which should be this weekend. I have to finish it and then I will be able to think about other projects.

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