This is one of those books which you can definitely see being turned into a much loved BBC dramatisation. It would make great viewing as there’s something for everyone in it; romance, mystery, drama and a bit of a thriller. I’m thinking a six part series and I’m undecided which role I want to be cast into; Elin or Alexandra…but happy to throw my name into the hat for the acting roles, Jan 🤣

Here’s the blurb:

It’s 1969 and free-spirited artist Elin Morgan has left Wales for a sun-drenched Greek island. As she makes new friends and enjoys the laidback lifestyle, she writes all about it in her diary. But Elin’s carefree summer of love doesn’t last long, and her island experience ultimately leaves her with a shocking secret …

Twenty-two years later, Elin’s daughter Alexandra has inherited the diary and is reeling from its revelations. The discovery compels Alexandra to make her own journey to the same island, following in her mother’s footsteps. Once there, she sets about uncovering what really happened to Elin in that summer of ’69.

Here’s the review:

This fabulous book will take you on quite a journey. I actually feel like I have experienced something with this book. I also had a little cry at the end.

It was a great premise; grieving daughter follows in her late mother’s footsteps and uncovers the secrets from her mother’s time in Greece in 69, which have remained hidden in a diary for years.

What I loved about this book was the split between the two different eras; 1969 and 1991. This really worked well as you could see how Elin’s actions impact her daughter’s life years later. I also thought it was a good tool for unravelling secrets and keeping the reader wanting to find out more.

Jan’s descriptions of the setting; the Greek island and the painting school are vivid and bring the story to life. You can almost feel the sun beating down on you as you read.

The dramatic start of the novel was not what I expected and I mean this in a nice way. The opening certainly grabbed my attention and I found myself saying, “oh my goodness, Jan Baynham, that would make a cracking start to a BBC Sunday night drama.”

I loved the gorgeous male characters that Jan has created and she knows how to get your emotions simmering.

I thought the story was well written and it was paced brilliantly.

Once I picked it up I was totally engrossed.

This is one hell of a debut novel and a fabulous book read treat!

Here’s how you can get your hands on a copy of Her Mother’s Secret:

Available in ebook, and coming soon in audio: Google Play | Kobo | Amazon UK | Amazon.com | iBooks | Nook





Links to contact Jan:

Twitter – @JanBaynham 


Jan Baynham Writer Facebook


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8 comments on “#BookReview Her Mother’s Secret @JanBaynham #Bookish

  1. This book sounds wonderful! I’m definitely going to add it to my list.

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing review, Lucy. I’m delighted you enjoyed Elin and Alexandra’s stories. I enjoyed writing them. I can only dream of it being televised as you suggest but I would definitely cast you as Elin with her long blonde hair. You can choose who would be Stelios!

    • The casting of Stelios would be very important and already the prospect of acting is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling 😂

  3. This sounds like another cracking read!!!

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