Oh my goodness this book review is going to test my powers of not giving the game away! I can’t keep secrets. Did you know I have been called Lucy Loose Lips in my time? Debbie Viggiano is probably reading this and groaning 🙂

You should all be lucky I don’t write thrillers because I’d reveal everything in the first few paragraphs.

This romantic comedy is sooooooooo good because it will keep you on the edge of your sofa until the bitter end. There is one hell of an ending and I desperately want to write about it but I can’t because it will ruin things for you and Debbie Viggiano will not be happy with me.

Having to sit on my hands for a bit before I write my review. Sweet Jesus – this is going to be tough.

Here’s the blurb:

Wedding vows have never been this personal…

Willow has been living with marriage-shy Charlie for more years than she cares to remember and is old-fashioned enough to want a wedding band and a loads-of-sex honeymoon before stretchmarks and nipple shields.

So when the once-wary Charlie surprisingly goes down on one knee, Willow doesn’t question why her boyfriend is suddenly so keen to rush her into saying “I do”.

The first clue comes as Willow is zipped into her Cinderella dress, the second as she bobs into the wedding car, and the third as the Roller swings towards its fairy-tale destination… leaving a shell-shocked Willow desperately trying to figure out what to do next.

A bride can do anything she wants on her wedding day, but nobody expected her to do this.

Here’s my review:

When you start reading this book you do start to wonder whether the title is right BUT by the end you will totally get why Debbie called it Willow’s Wedding Vows.Genius.

Let me start with Willow. From the start Willow had me on her side. She’s this sweet assistant librarian who has just turned thirty and is blissfully in love with her boyfriend Charlie. What Willow doesn’t know is that she is being cruelly manipulated by scumbag Charlie.  They say love is blind well this is exactly what Willow is when it comes to Charlie. I felt sorry for Willow for much of the book. At times I felt like she didn’t want to open her eyes even though clues about his deception were mounting up.

Charlie is one of the best romantic comedy villains I have come across. His POV works well as you can see how he’s playing Willow like a fiddle. He can’t stop lying. The POV from other characters who he has interactions with was an excellent idea as it fuels your anger towards him.

When Willow accepted his marriage proposal I had my hands over my face and was reading this book through the cracks between my fingers. That’s how excruciatingly good this book is.

I can’t say anymore because writing this review is like torture for me and my blabber mouth.

This is a GREAT read and I am raising my mug of tea in toast of Debbie Viggiano. Hail the new Queen of Romantic Comedy Twists!

Buy it now! Click here. 

Have a great day x

Lucy Loose Lips


4 comments on “#BookReview Willow’s Wedding Vows @DebbieViggiano #Romance

  1. Colour me intrigued! Will add to my TBR. Thanks, Lucy 😊.

  2. Okay, you sold it to me!
    Sounds great!

  3. This sounds great!! I’ll add it to my list! Thanks Lucy 😀Hope all is well. xo

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