How to Dress Like a Writer – 5 Key Writer Looks. #WritersLife


This is the perfect activity for lockdown. If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a writer and want to master that writer look or you might be a fully fledged writer but don’t feel you are owning that creative look, read on.

Here are 5 key looks for writers which could be easily created during lockdown:

  • Writer At Work Look.  This look is quite popular. You can achieve this look by wearing pyjamas / track suit bottoms & t-shirt / baggy cardigan / loose-fitting trousers and slippers or fluffy slipper boots. Upgrade this look by placing a pair of reading glasses on your head, a pair hung around your neck and a pair shoved in the pocket of your cardigan. Some of us writers are always misplacing our reading glasses and asking loves ones where they might be.
  • The Tweed Writer Look. This look is all about letting the world know that you are a writer through the power of tweed. It screams creative person. I did some research for this post and when I asked people what they thought writers wear – tweed was their unprompted response. It’s time to dig deep at the back of your wardrobe and get out that old tweed suit. Wear it and see what you write. You never know where tweed might take you.
  • The Stereotypical Writer look. This look is all about tapping into those writer stereotypes from films and books. Make the most of this look by wearing a beret, a polo neck sweater and some corduroy slacks. Sip black coffee, have a lot of cats hanging around you and look intense whilst scribbling in a leather bound notebook.
  • The Geeky Writer look. This is all about tapping into that writer geek stereotype. You can achieve this look with some nerdy thick framed glasses, a bow tie, a tailored jacket and some loafers. Make the most of this look by having a pencil tucked behind your ear.
  • The just be yourself and wear whatever feels right look. Writing is hard enough. Wear whatever makes you feel good and creative. If that means wearing your favourite old t-shirt which makes you feel great or your bold flowery dress which makes you feel wonderful – do it! If you write better in PJs than wear those or if you write thousands of words in a ballgown – chuck that on!

If there are any other writer looks out there please let me know!

Have a great day.

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Still waiting for the Sleepless in Seattle film sequel. Romcom Author. Book Blogger. Mum of teens. Owned by a golden Labrador.

35 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a Writer – 5 Key Writer Looks. #WritersLife

  1. Thank you for these important insights. I believe I have the Writer at Work look nailed, but I’m intrigued by the idea of writing while wearing a ballgown. Sadly, I fear it would scare the cat.

    1. I never thought much about what to wear while writing – I’m more of a “whatever-I’m-wearing-when-the-inspiration-hits” person – although I do relate to having glasses lying around all over the house, especially after my lanyard broke. :/

  2. Very funny. I could try each look just to see what feels right….except the tweed. The last time I wore tweed was on my confirmation day, 40 years ago (Jesus).
    It was about 5 shades of green. I’ll never forget it Haha Haha!

  3. Haha, this was fun. Yesterday I wrote in an oversized tee shirt and my husbands’s comfy knit boxer shorts. Okay, I just told the world I was wearing men’s underwear yesterday. But oh, I was comfy and got a lot written, darn it!

    I hope everybody is having a nice Easter despite the lock down circumstances.

  4. Help! What shall I do, I possess neither tweed nor ballgown. Can you get those from Sainsburys TU collection?

    p.s. you forgot tissues and biscuits. That’s what a cardigan’s pockets are really for. Stay safe xx

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