10 Different Writer Reactions To The Question – ‘How is Your Book Coming Along?’ #MondayBlogs


I love this question – how’s your book coming along?

My reaction to this simple question can change daily, sometimes hourly.

Here are 10 different writer reactions to that question.

They are a mixture of some of the reactions I have overheard during my time as a writer and my own. I will let you work out which are mine 🤣

1. ‘Great thanks!’  Beaming smile and twinkling eyes. All is well in Writing Land.

2. Awkward silence on the writer’s part. There are no words to describe how that book is coming along.

3. ‘I will let you know when it’s finished. Lovely weather we’re having at the moment – don’t you think?’ Writer uses clever distraction technique.

4. ‘It’s NOT coming along,’ snaps the writer, with bulldog chewing a thistle expression on face. ‘It’s about a musician and I keep spelling the word rhythm wrong. You wouldn’t believe the wild and wonderful ways I have attempted to spell that damn word! The next time I decide to write a book make sure I can spell key words relating to the subject matter.

5. ‘Oh my goodness,’ the writer gushes, closing their eyes, shaking their head and owning that look of writer bliss. ‘It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I can’t wait to get past ten thousand words.’  

6. ‘Struggling with the writing part of it,’ says the writer, looking hopeful. ‘In my head it’s finished.’

7. ‘What book?’ Followed by false laugh and touch of nose. ‘Did you think I was writing a book? Oh my goodness I have better things to do than write ninety thousand words…for fun!’ This writer is in denial. After rushing home they will head to their laptop and carry on writing their secret book.

8. ‘I quit writing it 5 minutes ago. I’ve decided to grow watercress out of my own hand painted egg shells instead.’ Pokes head inside the fridge and lets out what sounds like a muffled scream into a lettuce. This writer is in denial and needs to return to their WIP.

9. ‘I finished it!’ Eyes dancing with excitement.

10. Writer scratches head and lets out a sigh. ‘I spent all day rewriting the hell out of one tiny paragraph, I have a strong urge to dress in tweed, I have a crush on my fictional character, I tweet a lot about my writing droughts which would probably not occur if I spent less time on Twitter, I’m terrified about writing an intimate scene in chapter thirty-two and my coffee machine is suffering from extreme exhaustion. Yes, my book’s coming along just fine.’

How’s your book coming along?

Take care out there writers.

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Still waiting for the Sleepless in Seattle film sequel. Romcom Author. Book Blogger. Mum of teens. Owned by a golden Labrador.

32 thoughts on “10 Different Writer Reactions To The Question – ‘How is Your Book Coming Along?’ #MondayBlogs

  1. Love it.

    Me right now: Really well! I’m editing again, but I’m making progress every day (even if it’s only deleting a few words) and I’m confident the eighth round of structural edits will be the last. Okay, maybe not confident, but hopeful.

  2. It’s currently nestled in my head, and the words are finding it hard to get to my screen… 😬😬😬😬

  3. Oh, yes! I can relate to that. Mine is currently in the umpteenth revision. I keep finding bits I think need changing, bits that need adding to make it clearer, and bits that need eliminating as superfluous. Every time I re-read there’s something else!
    But I can’t say all that to an enquirer, so it’s usually, “OK, I suppose.”

  4. Ha ha! Love this. Made me laugh so much. My WIP is giving me extra grey hairs because I’m worried about my search history: so far – how to strangle somebody, how to paint lines on the back of legs (i.e. nylons) – what happens to erections in cold water – how to poison with wild mushrooms – how to eat whale meat – can a person tone deaf ever learn how to sing well – and a whole list of other things that I am too ashamed to share.
    Onwards! (I wonder if my publishing company saw all this in my synopsis?)

  5. As usual, your posts make me laugh out loud. Totally agree on “rhythm” … it’s a damn silly word and every time I write it, I have to sort of brace myself for the red squiggly line that I know is going to appear the moment I hit the space bar … and indeed it did … above … when I just misspelled it for the eleventy billionth time in my life. *sighs and goes to make a calming herbal tea.

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