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Before I launch into my post about getting out of a reading slump I will say this; coming out of a reading slump has got to be one of the best feelings ever!

You fall in love with books all over again and it’s such a wonderful feeling to be engrossed in a good book with a goofy smile spread across your face. Keep this in mind if you are currently in a slump.

Reading slumps – Ugh! That dark time where you want to read something but there’s no motivation to pick up a book or look inside. You leave bookshops without a purchase, you avoid the library and your mood sours by the hour.

A mild reading slump can last for a few days however a serious slump can last for weeks, months or even years.

A slump can creep up on you over a couple of books or it can hit you mid-way through a book.

For those of us who absolutely adore books, it is like someone turned a light off.

So, how do you get out of one?

Step away from the internet. This always works for me. I have found that my reading slumps occur when I am spending too much of my time on social media or the internet.

Turn off your phone. Let your imagination come to life again. I guarantee you will be reaching for a book in no time.

Rearrange your bookshelves. I think rearranging your bookshelves is a great way to work through problems. Last week I cured my high temperature by colour coding my bookcases and last month I sorted out a work issue in my head by putting my books into alphabetical order. Every life problem of mine going forward will result in a bookcase reorder.

Swap TBR lists with your other half / friend. This works if you choose someone who reads different books to you. I did this with my loved one and read a book about a time traveller who went back to the thirteenth century, got stuck and didn’t realise the bubonic plague had started. I had so much fun with that book – I was on the edge of my seat wondering whether the time traveller was going to get back alive and watching for the onset of symptoms. My reading slump disappeared and I rushed back to modern sweet romance.

Think about that glorious end of your reading slump. As I said at the start coming out of a reading slump is one of the best feelings in the world. Prepare yourself for your new dawn! Keep the slump going up until Christmas and then have the perfect festive season falling madly in love with books again. ✨✨

I hope this post helps!

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump #TuesdayBookBlog #BookWorms

  1. Reading slumps, for me, occur if I’m reading something that hasn’t caught my attention.
    Instead of reaching for another book – I can’t, I have to finish what I start – I try and find anything else to do instead.
    But all it takes is the magic of a truly great story, as my next book, to get me out again.
    Thankfully, they only last as long as that awful book… πŸ’œ πŸ“–

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