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If I had access to a time machine that could whisk me and a book of my choice back to a meeting with my 17-year-old self, this would be the book.

Once sat in front of my 17-year-old self, I would take out this book. After clearing my voice in an authoritative manner, I would then read out in a loud voice something IMPORTANT from page 407 (in the paperback version). Something which looking back now, I WISH I HAD KNOWN. This could have saved me from a LOT of heartache.

Love is a choice. And you may not be able to help your feelings, but you are responsible for the choices you make about what to do with them.

I loved this book even though it…took a great big sledgehammer to romance and romantic comedies in films. *GASP* I only twigged this would be happening after the prologue and I had to make a snap decision. I no longer read blurbs which is something I probably need to rectify. Do I carry on and watch my favourite romcoms get hacked? As the writing was so GOOD, I decided to let Holly Bourne and her bunch of quirky characters carry on.

Here’s the blurb (from Goodreads)

Audrey is over romance. Since her parents’ relationship imploded her mother’s been catatonic, so she takes a cinema job to get out of the house. But there she meets wannabe film-maker Harry. Nobody expects Audrey and Harry to fall in love as hard and fast as they do. But that doesn’t mean things are easy. Because real love isn’t like the movies…

The greatest love story ever told doesn’t feature kissing in the snow or racing to airports. It features pain and confusion and hope and wonder and a ban on cheesy clichรฉs. Oh, and zombies… YA star Holly Bourne tackles real love in this hugely funny and poignant novel.

Here’s my review

I wanted to wrap my arms around Audrey at various stages in this book. The urges to hug her were coming thick and fast at the start; when she’s had her heart well and truly stamped on by her ex-boyfriend, her home life is going downhill fast, she’s given up studying drama (her one passion in life because of the ex-boyfriend) and she feels alienated from her girlfriends. Her new job at the new stylish cinema was a welcomed relief for both of us.

I really liked the character of Harry, his film directing, his fascination with zombies, his reputation, his teeth and his banter. He makes this book hilarious in places.

I also loved Audrey. Her idea to give a feminist viewpoint to Harry’s zombie film character was very funny. I also loved her girlfriends as minor characters and I thought having her school project on romance in the movies being woven into the plot was fab.

The book was cleverly written as it explores a number of different cliches in famous romcom or romance films using Audrey’s experiences. Warning – it does make you see things differently.

The stylish cinema was a great setting for most of the book and it gave me such an urge to go watch a good film.

There are many great quotes:

Common dates in romance movies:
Seats in a box at the opera or ballet
Walking around a beautiful foreign city
Night-time picnics in empty parks
Finding some gorgeous abandoned house that the boy fills with candles

Common dates in real life:

A round of applause for Holly Bourne for the ending. All I will say is that it was incredibly satisfying.

If you want a book which is bittersweet and reminds you what it was like to fall in love for the first time and the added pressures that come with the rush of hormones, this book is for you. Check it out by clicking here.

I still love romcoms and romance films ๐ŸŽฅ



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