How To Survive The Wait For Your Favourite Author’s Next Book #TuesdayBookBlog #Bookworms

It is not easy waiting for your favourite author to bring out their next book.

After binge reading all their books, fangirling them by email and social media, all you can do is sit and wait for their next offering.

This agonising waiting period will involve some serious finger drumming, a lot of social media stalking and you forcing yourself to enjoy other books…written by other authors – gasp!

You will find yourself saying things like “how long does it take to write a book eh?” and “what is she / he doing…seriously it has been MONTHS!” 

And then that empty feeling inside you sets in. It is going to be a long and cruel wait.

Your literary pain will intensify when your favourite author sends you a newsletter with either a small taster of their next book. For noting: their next book will sound AMAZING and may even leave you gasping.

Or they let you know that they will have some important news on their book very soon – can someone actually define this time period?

I get that these newsletters are an important marketing tool, but they can be torturous to an author’s biggest fan.

Here is how to survive this challenging time:

  1. Have faith in your favourite author and their book writing abilities. They will deliver on that next book!
  2. Focus on that special day in the future when their next book is launched. All your literary pain and suffering will go away in an instant as you log onto Amazon and see their next book twinkling at you.
  3. A regular tweet or two might not be a bad idea. It lets them know their reading fans are getting eager for their book and might encourage them to get a wriggle on!  Add some appropriate hashtags like #cannotwaittoreadyournextbook and #youarestillmyfavouriteauthor
  4. Writing a book is hard so go easy on your favourite author. You only have to look at the tweets on Twitter under the #Writer hashtag to get an indication of how hard it is.
  5. Don’t think about stuff like whether or not their next book will be the last in the series or whether this next book will need a sequel. These things will just make your  book misery worse.
  6. If it is the next book in a series try not to dwell on things like which characters will start a steamy romance and whether your much loved characters will stay together.  Just stay hopeful.
  7. Put as much pressure as you can on your book club for getting your fav author’s book read. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to read their book again. Let’s hope none of your fellow book club members disagree with you on the quality of your fav author’s book.
  8. Reassure yourself with the following – your favourite author is taking their time to write you an amazing and brilliant book. Good things come to those who wait!

Take it easy and be patient!

Have a great day!

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Still waiting for the Sleepless in Seattle film sequel. Romcom Author. Book Blogger. Mum of teens. Owned by a golden Labrador.

5 thoughts on “How To Survive The Wait For Your Favourite Author’s Next Book #TuesdayBookBlog #Bookworms

  1. I am that reader who has stalked a writer and tried to nudge them… my tweet to them was subtle… it went something like: “I’m dying here…literally DYING because I HAVE to find out what happens to MC… waiting is TORTURE… I mean I understand it’s hard to write but please…GET ON WITH IT!”
    I received a reassuring reply that the MC does not die himself in the third book (whew!) and that the author was writing as fast as she could. I felt so happy all day knowing that the MC, whilst having a tough road ahead, would not actually die, and then the doubts crept in. Was she telling me the truth? Was I being fobbed off? Was she, at that moment, not welded to her laptop but sunning herself in the Bahamas??? Let’s just say, I’m keeping an eye on her social media accounts!!

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