Things we Worry About When Our Favourite Book is Turned Into a Film #Books #Bookish

#book #bookish

You read the rumours on social media. There’s an unexplained buzz in the office. In the coffee shop queue everyone is talking about it: your favourite novel is being turned into a film.

At first you are filled with a giddy happiness. It will be great to see it made into a film…and then, the worry sets in.

  1. The casting directors won’t get the casting right. In your head you know who should play the lead roles and your casting choices involve some big Hollywood names. You don’t want to be disappointed. Excuses such as the small film budget will impact casting is not acceptable.
  2. The film will not stay true to the plot. Last year you gave your friend a reassuring hug after the film version of her favourite book did not stay true to the plot. It was nothing like the book she loved to read, there were extra scenes and new characters. You told yourself that this would never happen to you. Now you are facing the same challenge. How will you cope if those film directors choose to cut up your beloved book? Or even worse…add new bits to the story? Gasp!
  3. Friends will get to the cinema or Netflix first and watch the film before you.  Your friends know how much you go on about this book so surely they should respect your wishes to be…the first person from your social group who watches the film. Wouldn’t it be terrible if a friend of yours watched the film before you and gave something vital away about on Facebook?
  4. The film will dampen your fictional character crush. If those casting directors make the wrong choice for that lead role it could be the end of your crush. Once you have watched the film, shaken your head in disapproval and muttered stuff about the unattractive lead character there will be no going back to your crush. What will you daydream about now, whilst stood in the queue at the supermarket?
  5. The film will intensify your fictional character crush. The book left you with a huge crush on the lead character. Life has not been the same since you read that book. If those film directors get the casting right and manage to attract that big Hollywood star, that you have had your eye on, you might have to take some accessories into the cinema; a handheld fan, an ice pack and some facial wet wipes.  Temperatures are going to rise.
  6. The wait for the film to come out could get unbearable. You will find yourself enduring some serious frustration. It will be tough trying to detach yourself from the online rumours from filming. Hours are going to be wasted watching the author’s twitter feed as you hope they have a say in how things are going to play out on the big screen. You are going to have sleepless nights hoping the author doesn’t get carried away with all the champagne popping, the celebratory tweets and choosing their film premiere outfit. This will mean the film company will do what they want.
  7. The minor character cull will be severe. We all know that when a book is turned into a movie there is a minor character cull. Sometimes this cull is needed as there were a cast of thousands in the book. However, with your favourite book, things are very different! You love all the minor characters in the book and it will be heart breaking to see some not make the film cut. They are like an extended family to you.
  8. Soundtrack hell. You will have your own ideas about your favourite book’s soundtrack and you know that it will be different to what comes out. You will find yourself muttering, “please don’t make a song I hate the film’s soundtrack.”
  9. Everyone will say the film is better than the book and you will spend a lifetime correcting them. This is torture for a book lover. People you know who make this silly comment will be crossed off your Xmas newsletter mailing list.
  10. You won’t want be able to watch the film in the future without arguing with someone. This is your special book and people who haven’t read the book should not be watching the film.

I hope you have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Things we Worry About When Our Favourite Book is Turned Into a Film #Books #Bookish

  1. There have been a few casting ‘NOOOOOOOOs’ over the past ten years (in my humble view). The one that left me scratching my head was Peta in The Hunger Games. Peta, the beefy baker’s son…who was supposed to be hot enough to lure Catniss away from Gale. Uh, no. They did not get that right.

  2. A recent good example of the film not following the book was the zombie film World War Z.
    Turned into a vehicle for Brad Pitt, virtually the only thing it had in common with Max Brooks excellent novel was the title. ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ

  3. Let’s not even go there with Jack Reacher…
    And, although there have been one or two films better than the book, they are very much in the minority. Still doesn’t stop you going to check it out, though.
    PS Glad you clarified which accessories to use…

  4. This is what I’m worrying about for Six of Crows. I’ve only read the 1st book so far, but the rumor was the adaptation would blend that book in with Shadow and Bone, merging them into one series… I think on Netflix. However, I was satisfied with the Good Omens adaptation. It’s so unpredictable with these adaptations.

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