10 Inspirational Romance Book Heroines: Good To Read While Changing Your Life! #WednesdayMotivation

Book reviews will resume next week as I have been wanting to do this post for ages and the idea won’t leave me alone.

This might sound crazy but these ten inspiring fictional ladies gave me an extra boost when I was busy changing my life. Seriously, while my life was in turmoil earlier this year I got some much needed inner strength from these fabulous book heroines.

Yes I know they are fictional people and I understand if some of you are casting a worried glance or two my way. Maybe a few of you are thinking something along the lines of this fabulous quote

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.

Louisa May Alcott

These characters connected with me. I saw bits of myself in them I suppose.

Their ‘oh what the heck – I will just do it anyway!’ attitude was so motivational and no matter how hard their lives got they never gave up chasing their life dreams. 

I think the authors of these books are fab because they have not only given readers a bit of romance but they have also created some wonderful life role-model female characters!

Here they all are:

1. Emily from Jane Lambert’s book, The Start of Something Wonderful. She quits her job as an air hostess to fulfil a life ambition of being an actress. What I love about Emily is that she dedicates herself to learning about acting and at the same time lives through the turmoil which comes with a major life change.

2. Kelsey from Kiley Dunbar’s book, One Summer’s Night. She leaves her hometown and her boyfriend to move to Stratford Upon Avon to fulfil her dream of becoming a tour guide. Loved Kelsey!

3. Grace from Kim Nash’s book, Amazing Grace. This brave single mum takes her life back one step at a time after discovering her husband’s affair. A great heroine!

4. Lucy from Sue McDonagh’s book, Summer at the Art Café. Escapes her domineering husband and learns to ride a motorbike to fulfil her lifelong dream. High fives to Lucy!

5. Jen from Pernille Hughes’s book, Probably the Best Kiss in the World. Decides to follow her beer making passion even though everyone around her is trying to talk her out of it. I still miss reading about Jen. 

6. Sarah from Sandy Barker’s, One Summer in Santorini. She’s had enough of men and relationships so embarks on a sailing trip around the Greek islands with a group of strangers. Love her independence!

7. Amanda from Roxie Cooper’s book, The Law of Attraction. She doesn’t let prejudice and snobbery stop her from pursuing her dream of being a successful lawyer. No one messes with Amanda!

8. Ruby in Nicola May’s book, Working It Out. After an unexpected redundancy Ruby begins to question her priorities. She comes up with a plan to find her ideal job; twelve jobs in twelve months. Love heroines who put in place crazy plans. 

9.  Jess in Rachel Burton’s book, The Pieces of You and Me. One of the strongest female characters I have read about. The way she handles her chronic illness and carries on with her life despite struggling with horrid physical symptoms is motivational and inspiring. 

10. Sam in Victoria Cooke’s latest book, A Summer to Remember. This has only been out a few weeks and I am desperate to review it but I am having to sit on my blogging hands until September due to a blog tour. Anyway I will say that I think Sam is ace. She manages to pick herself up after the tragic loss of her husband and gets seconded to Boston for the summer. Going to Boston tests her in all sorts of ways and I think she’s so brave. 

If you get the chance to read about any of these characters, I hope you find them as inspiring and motivational as I have found them. 

Lucy x





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14 thoughts on “10 Inspirational Romance Book Heroines: Good To Read While Changing Your Life! #WednesdayMotivation

  1. Reblogged this on Off the Beaten Track and commented:
    Thrilled that Sarah from One Summer in Santorini is featured in this fabulous blog post by Lucy Mitchell, author of Instructions for Falling in Love Again.

    Sarah suffers from anxiety attacks and her self-esteem has taken a beating. Her trip is about falling back in love with life again.

  2. I was thinking about the heroine in another one of Rachel Burton’s books, “The Things We Need To Say” so am glad one of her character’s made the list…

    Ps: I expect Jen to make the list next year, no hang on I don’t write romance!

  3. Aw, thank you for including Jen in your brilliant list. Some readers find her maddening, but by the end I think she comes good. And I’m so keen for people not to let others tell them what they are capable of. Great post. xx

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