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This book of modern day poems did something miraculous: it made me start reading poetry.

It is safe to say that up until this point I was a poetry virgin. Can you believe this? At forty-five years young I had not properly experienced poetry.

Everyone around me was raving about the delights of poetry, how it could take me to new heights of creative pleasure and how useful it would be for my writing. Even though I was curious, I was also a little bit scared to pop my poetry cherry.

Poetry felt like the next level up for me. I didn’t feel like I could fully appreciate it and so it was something which I actively avoided. Until I read Ritu’s collection of poems, that is.

Turning points in one’s reading life, like this, need to be recorded and this is why I am putting Rita Bhathal’s Poetic Rituals on my blog.

Here’s the blurb:

Delve into a book of verse exploring different topics and different genres, all with a RITUal twist.

A collection of poetry drawing on the experiences of the writer, ranging from matters of the heart, love for the family, situations in life and some verses written with a humorous twist.

Here’s my review:

An Ode To Ironing was the first poem I read. After opening Ritu’s book I randomly chose a page to get me started. It brought an instant smile to my face. It is about Ritu’s thoughts when the ironing pile is waving at her. I could relate to this because my ironing pile does the same to me. She also hits the nail on the head by saying ironing is a terrible bore.

Feeling jubilant about enjoying my first proper read of a poem I moved onto Middle-Aged Spread. Oh my goodness, it was like Ritu had climbed inside my mind and extracted out my forty-something issues. The first few lines made me nearly choke on the chocolate bar I was wedging into my mouth while reading. Oh my God I can’t stop eating. My waist-line’s seriously taking a beating. A fun poem to read as you munch your way through a Galaxy bar and try to remember the last time you did some exercise.

Whispers reminded me of listening to my teenage daughters while they are doing each other’s hair in my bedroom. The air is full of, he said, she said, they did, you didn’t. Ritu has captured the art of gossip perfectly.

Brow-terpillars is a poem dedicated to eyebrows and I thought this was fab. It also made me get emotional. As someone who, earlier this year, lost her eyebrows due to stress and anxiety, I have come to appreciate brows. Before my bad patch I had brows like two caterpillars. I used to come out of the beauticians with one up, one down or far too thin. This poem brought back the magic of eyebrows and even though my brow re-growth is slow, I hope to one day read this poem infront of the mirror and smile at the return of my two caterpillers.

These poems were fun to read. There’s a strong family theme running throughout and I think there is scope for future projects with this in mind.

Her poems are full of surprises. I can’t believe in one Ritu manages to add in school bags, uniforms and preparing lunches.

They all got a positive reaction from me; a smile, a chuckle or a knowing nod. These poems got me thinking about things happening in my own life and I’d go to work chewing over different lines in my head.

I now wish I had made a point of reading poetry earlier.

After reading Ritu’s collection I went and purchased some more poetry books.

Thank you, Ritu, for this wonderful collection of poems. You changed my reading life and I will be forever grateful x

3 Things I like about this author:

  • Ritu has a fabulous award-winning blog. Click here.
  • She bakes the most amazing cakes.
  • She has started writing more poems for writers and authors to help them through the creative journey.

If you fancy reading some modern day poems with a funny twist, then check out Ritu’s work. Click here.

Have a great day, folks.


Not long now until the birth of my own book baby 😍

34 comments on “#BookReview Poetic Rituals @RituBhathal #Poetry #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. A lovely review of Ritu’s fun poetry book.

  2. Aw Lucy! 😍
    I’m welling up!
    That is one of the loveliest reviews I’ve read. I shall cherish it forever 😍❤️

  3. Reblogged this on But I Smile Anyway… and commented:
    When a beautiful review of your book has you in happy tears, first thing in the morning!
    And who knew…. My words turned someone to poetry!
    Thank you to my dear friend Lucy ❤️

  4. Ritu is a lovely lady, so it stands to reason that her poems will be lovely too. I love the thread of humour that runs through them all…

  5. Fabulous review!

  6. Well done for biting the poetry-cherry! I love poetry, but not all poetry. And that’s the thing you always have to remember. It’s like every other kind of writing: it speaks to you or it doesn’t. I once saw a poet being interviewed and he said that people might read a poem, or hear a poem, and if they don’t like THAT PARTICULAR POEM, they will say “I don’t like poetry.” He said it’s as ridiculous as saying “I don’t like music” because you don’t like a particular song. You have to find your poetry “home” I think. I love Carol Ann Duffy, Colm Keegan, Seamus Heaney, and I have a newly discovered love for Milton’s epic Paradise Lost (the language… OMG!). Prose writers should try to read poetry. Poets know how to nail down an idea. We have much to learn from them. I will have to check out RITUals (cool title by the way!)

  7. Check out Ritu! The book IS remarkable and this review is pure love. ❤

  8. A great review for a wonderful book. Never read about a mom’s daily work in such a funny way presented. Michael

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