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Writing Stories About People Who Reinvent Themselves Can Spark Change In Your Own Life #AmWriting #Writer

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Since November I have worked on several stories where the main character or characters decide to reinvent themselves.

They have all battled their way through:

– something they wanted to happen, or,

– something that happens to them, that maybe they did not expect.

During my stories all these characters consciously or unconsciously pressed the ‘life reset’ button.

Reinventing themselves has not been easy. In most cases the process has been messy and riddled with setbacks. Okay, so I am a fiction writer and characters are never going to get an easy time but real life is never simple.

Mikey, one of my main characters, in my soon-to-be published novel, Instructions For Falling In Love Again, reinvents himself after a family tragedy. He realises his mother and young niece desperately need a new version of him if they are going to survive what life has thrown at them.

In one of my new stories, Stella realises she has to change after taking temporary ownership of her friend’s business. She soon realises the old Stella could in fact damage the business her friend has spent years working on.

So, I have been happily writing all these stories about people reinventing themselves, blissfully unaware that a great deal of change has been happening in my own life.

I have said this before and I am going to say it again – weird stuff happens when you become a writer.

Last week I got offered a new day job, which I accepted. It doesn’t sound that dramatic so I will give you some background. I have been in my current job for EIGHT long years. Not only that but I have done the same type of job for sixteen years. Me and my comfort zone have been the best of friends for a long time.

This new job is exactly that. New. It is in a different department and a different part of the organisation. I will have to learn new skills and get to grips with new processes. After a lot of soul searching I have come to realise the old version of me is not going to work in this new role, so I need to…reinvent myself.

Actually I believe transformation is already happening inside of me. It started when I realised how unhappy I had become and how I wasn’t growing anymore.

An area of my life which is in change is travel. I am a little embarrased to say this but it has never been high on my life agenda. Kids, animals, work, a U.K. caravan holiday habit and laziness on my part are all to blame. At the start of the year I made a conscious decision to change. I am now due to go to Dubrovnik in June and Majorca in August.

Making the decision at the start of the year to self-publish my novel has also been part of my personal transformation. This reinvention has been messy, as you all know. It arrived after a lot of soul searching, dark times, feelings of frustration, stagnation, ignoring my story (which at times has felt like a stalker as it refuses to leave my mind three years on), research, lengthy chats with writer friends and munching my way through many chocolate selection boxes.

Once you start writing all sorts of weird stuff happens.

Writing is not just about producing books, short stories and blog posts, it is also about discovering new versions of you hidden within the pages of your stories.

If you want to change your life, get writing!

I salute all of my readers currently reinventing themselves!

Have a great day πŸ™‚

Harry & Po will be back next week. Po has been put on a healthy eating plan so has spent all week glued to my side. This is him at midday questioning why his lunch time β€˜Meaty Balls’ have disappeared.


Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

26 comments on “Writing Stories About People Who Reinvent Themselves Can Spark Change In Your Own Life #AmWriting #Writer

  1. A terrific, insightful, heartfelt post, Lucy, And all the best with your new job – you will no doubt smash it!

  2. Love this post! Good luck with your new job, you’ll be amazing! x

  3. So much change, but it’ll be for the best.
    FYI – I love Lucy version 1 and am sure I’ll still love) icy version 2 😘
    Tell Po Sonu Singh sympathises… He’s also been put on a diet by the vet…

  4. You said it right Lucy, comfort zone really stops the growth and all we need to do is get out of it. Really like your post❀

  5. I am at that stage in life (old!) when any change cannot happen (unless I win the lottery) so enjoy this new challenge while you can, Lucy…

  6. Well, if EVERYBODY liked to travel, then we’d all be alike, and wouldn’t that be boring? Great insight and post about your writing!

  7. That’s awesome! Go you! Change is scary, but it can be a good thing, which it sounds like it will be in your case.

  8. I think authors are great at reinventing themselves and you can learn so much and grow both as a person and in your writing, but it really takes guts.

  9. Lynn Alexander

    Celebrating you with your sharing if personal transformation!
    Go Lucy!!!!!!!xxxxxxx

  10. Great post! Heartily agree with the reinvention thing. When I came back to writing after a long absence, it really opened me up to re-thinking my life, and set in motion a chain of events which to this day have me pinching myself. Having made the leap, I’m now in the process of honing my new life – reducing my photography workload so that I can devote more time to writing has made a huge difference. Having said that, I still feel time poor, but that’s because, when you’re writing, there are simply not enough hours in the day. Good luck with your new job, Lucy, and high five on all your travel and publishing plans. Carpe diem!!

    • Thank you Tracy! Love the sound of your journey. How long was the absence?

      • Eleventy billion years!! *joking* but a long time. Here’s what happened …

        I started out life wanting to be a journalist – then decided I wanted to be a TV journalist. I picked up a tv camera one day and had a eureka moment, like “Oh, I want to make stories with pictures.” So total reinvention number one at the tender age of 22. I’d got my history degree, but zipped to college to crash a photography course (A level in 6 months) then I moved to London … spent 10 years as a TV camera person, had kids, set up own photography business (reinvention number two) 15 years of that, weddings, portraits, boudoir, commercial – then picked up a pen again. Thought “Oh yeah, this is what I wanted to do once upon a time… maybe I should give it a bash.” Two draft novels, a masters in Writing Practice and Study and one Prima/Mills and Boon competition win later, here I am – reinvention number three.

        I am a master of reinvention!!

        Did I mention that the film company I worked for was a specialist scientific/natural history film company? No? Well they used to affectionately call me the “soppy arts graduate” so I did an A level in Biology as well back in the early 90’s (respectable Grade B) just to show them!

        I’m a great believer in equipping yourself for the life you want to lead, and I’ve been lucky enough to have always had encouragement and support from employers, family and friends. Also, it makes for an interesting life. So, as the saying goes, just do it! x

      • Your life should be turned into a book! I love you as a fictional character trying to find herself, crashing courses, setting up a business and giving things a go. You are an inspiration 😍

  11. I hope you can find ways to re-invent yourself and who knows that might come out in your writing? πŸ™‚

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