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#BookReview: The Pieces of You and Me by Rachel Burton @bookish_yogi #TuesdayBookBlog #Bookish


I was busy enjoying a lengthy blog book review break and then I read this!

The blog book review itch returned minutes after I finished Rachel Burton’s The Pieces of You and Me.

No matter how hard I tried to make the book review itch go away (listening to whale music, relaxing in a cool bath, sipping peppermint tea and applying a cold compress to my forehead) it wouldn’t leave me alone. The urge to blog about books was strong.

I knew it was time to put an end to my leisurely break. So, you can all blame Rachel Burton πŸ‘πŸ»

My book reviews are back and will appear every Tuesday.

So, let’s get started.

The Pieces of You and Me by Rachel Burton

The blurb…

A powerful and uplifting second chance love story to make you laugh and cry, perfect for fans of Katie Marsh, Sheila O’Flanagan, and Amanda Prowse.

When Jess and Rupert parted ways, it was the end of a great love story that might have been. Now ten years later, the very different paths they have taken in life will bring them back together for a chance meeting.

But with so much left unsaid about the break up neither ever recovered from and with each keeping their own devastating secrets, will they finally be able to make the fractured pieces of their love for one another whole again?

What did I think?

By the end of this book I was in a right fluster!

This is about love, loss and fate. Jess and Rupert get a second-chance at love ten years later. They both soon realise that in order to be happy they have to deal with their past issues and accept what life has thrown at them.

The story is cleverly told in three parts; Jess’s first person account, Rupert’s account in third person and Jess’s diary entries from the past. This story was written in such a way Jess and Rupert were like pieces of cloth being stitched back together. At times, the pieces did not fit, so the stitching had to be unpicked and sewed up again.

I found the story of Jess and Rupert unearthed loads of my teenage romance memories. Their early relationship took me back to a time when I practiced kissing with a boyfriend, had to deal with interferring parents and spent a lot of my time feeling swamped with jealousy. For a few days after I finished reading this book I could think of nothing else but the trials and tribulations of my own teenage romances. I actually woke up, one morning, bathed in a light sweat, murmuring the name of my teenage love, who I had practiced kissing with outside the Youth Club. My loved one gave me an odd look and I had to quickly dismiss it by saying, “Gosh – did I just say a random male name?” Flick eyes to the floor. “I need to stop reading so many romance novels – LOL!” Race into bathroom, splash cold water on face and wink at myself in the mirror.

I admired Jess’s bravery throughout and the book does make you think about how debilitating a chronic illness can be. She never seemed to moan and met this horrible illness head on with a steel like determination.

My feelings for Rupert intensified as the book progressed. By the end of the book I was mad for him. It got to the point where I decided that if Jess wasn’t going to go for a walk in an orchard with him, I was going to take one for the team and make myself available.

Rachel Burton writes good chemistry between characters. You finish her books feeling like you have experienced a love affair. I had to go lie down in a darkened room for a good hour, whisper sweet nothings into my pillow about Rupert and then sip sugary tea for the rest of the evening.

It really was a fabulous read and like I said it made me want to review books again on my blog.

Before I go into Rachel’s official bio I want to do my new section on book reviews – 3 Things I like About The Author

So here are the 3 things I like about author Rachel Burton:

  1. Her instagram feed. She posts some beautiful photos of her creative life and it is well worth checking out. Click here.
  2. Yoga. I love my yoga so naturally gravitate towards others who like to twist themselves into complicated positions.
  3. Cats. She has three cats. I am a big fan of her cat Vesper who goes wild in the vets.

If you fancy reading this book click on the links below:




Rachel Burton Bio

Rachel Burton is the author of the international ebook bestseller THE MANY COLOURS OF US. 

After graduating with a degree in Classics and another in English, she didn’t really know what to do when she grew up. She has worked as a waitress, a paralegal and a yoga teacher.

She has spent most of her life between Cambridge and London but now lives in Leeds with her husband and three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes.

Find her on Twitter & Instagram as @bookish_yogi or search Facebook for Rachel Burton Author. She is always happy to talk books, writing, music, cats and how the weather in Yorkshire is rubbish. She is mostly dreaming of her next holiday….


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous read!

  2. Oh man… Your reviews are part of the reason my tbr pile is so high!
    Sounds like another one to be added…

  3. Lovely review. This one looks good! πŸ’™πŸ“š

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