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When Rachel from Rachel’s RandomResources wrote to me about the Cuttin’ Heads Book Blog Tour I decided to step out of my sweet scented, frilly pink, romance genre comfort zone, join the tour and read D.A. Watson’s book.

Let’s just say I have not read many horror books in my time. I think as a teenager I managed to get through a couple of Stephen King novels but on the whole I have tended to avoid horror stories. Don’t ask me why. I suppose, like many others, I fell into my reading comfort zone early on and struggled to break away from handsome prince like male characters and the first flushes of a physical attraction.

As a writer I am currently going through some change. I feel like a teenager again. All I seem to be doing at the moment is rebelling against what I used to write. I am keen to sample new things, genres and styles of writing. Whilst writing I am also wearing a lot of leather, eye liner and craving darkness so please send help soon. Reading from other genres is therefore essential for me whilst experiencing such creative change.

This book review is a big thing for me. I am stepping out of my comfort zone on so many levels.

Here is my review of Cuttin’ Heads by D.A. Watson:

What did you think of the cover?

It was very different to the fluffy romance bookcovers on my book shelf.

Cuttin’ Heads cover is defintely eye catching with the powerful imagery and bold colours.

I took a deep breath and dived straight in.

What did you think of the blurb?

Aldo Evans is a desperate man. Fired from his job and deeply in debt, he struggles to balance a broken family life with his passion for music.

Luce Figura is a troubled woman. A rhythmic perfectionist, she is haunted by childhood trauma and scorned by her religiously devout mother.

Ross McArthur is a wiseass. Orphaned as an infant and raised by the state, his interests include game shows, home-grown weed, occasional violence and the bass guitar.

They are Public Alibi. A rock n’ roll band going nowhere fast.

When the sharp-suited, smooth talking producer Gappa Bale offers them a once in a lifetime chance to make their dreams come true, they are caught up in a maelstrom of fame, obsession, music and murder.

Soon, Aldo, Luce and Ross must ask themselves: is it really better to burn out than to fade away?

The blurb was interesting and I had a sneaking suspicion these band members were not going to burn out from exhaustion.

What did you think of the book?

Are you ready for a shock?

I actually loved this book!

Oh my goodness, this book was so different to what I expected.

The characters Aldo, Luce and Ross are brilliant and make the story. They are ordinary people, with life troubles, who play in a band and one day-dream of being famous. The author should be congratulated on bringing these three to life.

I connected to all three of them on a deep level. They all loved creating music as it made all their life crap disappear when they were on stage. This is very similar to how I feel about writing.

Their love for music came through and so did the energy which came from when they played together. A few chapters in and I was becoming a ‘Public Alibi’ rock fan.

There are some great quotes in this book, one of which being:

‘That feeling of doing what you’re happiest doing. The thing you’re built for.’

D.A. Watson

Gappa Bale the smooth talking, record producer is a fabulous horror character. I think I would have found myself falling for his music producer talk and charming ways. As the book continutes this character becomes mysterious, edgy and unnerving.

I thought the story was marvellous. Aldo, Luce and Ross all get carried away with the prospect of fame and being ‘discovered’ by a talented record producer. They then start to question what they have got themselves into when they realise their record contracts have been signed with…their own blood.

Gappa Bale gets into their minds, dreams and souls. He seems to know everything about them; their fears, thoughts and motivations.

The creepiness is cranked up as the book progresses and you find it hard to put it down. The band end up going to Gappa Bale’s studio for two weeks to record their album and weird stuff with their minds starts to happen.

Was it really gory?

It wasn’t as gory as I expected to be. Yes there are a few blood shedding moments but the really scary stuff actually comes from Gappa Bale’s mind games.

The ending is hard-hitting and shocking in places, but this is a horror book so I sort of expected that. I really loved the extract from Rolling Stones Magazine at the end. A clever touch.

What themes ran through the book?

There were three main themes; family, music and fear. All the characters were dealing with some sort of family issue but what I loved was how as a band they had become like a little family unit. They needed this in view of what Gappa Bale had in store for them.

Overall – what did you think? 

I thought Cuttin’ Heads was a fabulous story. It is not for the faint hearted but it is an addictive and enjoyable read.

As a writer I really admired D.A. Watson’s characterisation and I think there is a lot for me to learn here. I also loved his captivating style of writing.

A big thank you to Rachel for sending me invites for interesting blog tours.

I am so glad I stepped out of my reading comfort zone. Can’t believe I have actually read and enjoyed a horror novel.

Have a nice day x

Here is the Amazon link  https://amzn.to/2K02I4X


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18 thoughts on “When a Book Rewards You For Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone #BookReview Cuttin’ Heads #SundayBlogShare #Horror @davewatsonbooks

  1. This is great. I dread horror but love a good mystery or thriller once I know it will not jyst be spook central meaning I rarely buy. Good to know a potential title! Pinned

  2. Last year, my friend, Barbara who works with a local “English” book exchange insisted that I read The Millennium Trilogy. I was not interested and told her if I had all three in my hands I would think about it but it wasn’t something that interested me. Two months later she handed me the three and I said I would read a chapter of book 1 and see how it went… I read the entire trilogy in just over three days. I hate violence and not really into “who dunnits”. However, I lost myself in those pages. It was sad to know that the author was gone and while I realize someone else has picked up the series, it will be different. To The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, bonne courage et bonne chance! I am now back to my ‘mostly’ world of poety, philosopy, history and some period pieces… 😉

  3. This sounds like my kind of thing Lucy! I am certainly not faithful to one genre – at the moment I have three books on the go – one horror, one historical fiction and an autobiography! Occasionally I am know to get my books a little muddled and wander when a well-known comedian is going to get his face bitten off by an infected dead guy on a sun-soaked Greek island…

  4. This does sound like a good read–and good for you for stepping out of your reading comfort-zone. Not and easy thing, that.

    I have found most of the books I’ve read this year are either non-fiction or about the diverse experiences of writers of color. That’s definitely been out of my comfort zone, but fits with my whole “reading is a radical act of empathy” theme of 2018. I think stepping out of your romance space and trying new genre’s is its own radical act. Your increasing your bench strength in imagination. That’s cool.

  5. Great review. Really pleased you had such a positive experience stepping outside of your comfort zone. Funnily enough I did similar last week with David Mitchell’s Slade House. I picked it off the shelf at the library without even looking at the blurb because I enjoy his books. Once home, I found out it was horror, so I thought I’d give it a few pages and then probably put it down. But no, I was hooked by the end of the first page, and thoroughly enjoyed being transported somewhere a bit scary.

  6. How cool. Not a book I would think I’d normally be remotely interested in reading, but after reading your review, I’m very intrigued! Thank you!

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