12 Things To Consider Before Dating A Sorceress #Paranormal #Supernatural #Witch @Ivyloganauthor


I am really enjoying my Advice For Dating Paranormal Creatures Blog Series. 

Spell casters have always intrigued me and I bet they would make memorable dates. A good selection of levitation spells would make intimate moments interesting and the fear of having an awful curse placed on you after an argument would ensure you always washed up your dishes, put your clothes in the laundry bin and cleaned the house every week. This sounds like fun! I am now sat wondering why I never became a sorceress.

For this post author Ivy Logan has kindly offered to provide the advice. Ivy Logan is extremely passionate about stories steeped un mythical folklore, ancient myths, legends and suffused with the magic of unique realms and supernatural worlds.

She’s currently working on a book series about blue haired sorceresses so she knows what to expect from these mysterious creatures.


So, here is Ivy Logan and her list of things you should think about before dating a sorceress:

  1. If your girlfriend is a sorceress, you don’t want to make this gal angry. All that whispering under her breath could mean anything – a curse or a grumble. Go figure.
  2. If the one you love is a sorceress, don’t make her mad. Most girlfriends fling things at you when they are angry. Your love interest is powerful enough to fling you across the room.
  3. All girls are touchy about their age. Your girl more so. You don’t want to ask her how old she is and risk finding out that she is actually an old crone. Imagine yourself snuggling with one and kissing her puckered lips. Better to contain that curiosity. Sometimes ignorance is sheer bliss.
  4. On the same note, never say ‘I love the real you.’ You might live out the rest of your life regretting it.
  5. You might shiver a little when she purrs out lambkins or my little kitty. Why? Is that affection or the name of animal you are about to be turned into?
  6. Cleaning the house could be tricky when she’s away flying on her broom.
  7. You find you can’t get out of cleaning the cobwebs on the ceiling because she can make you levitate. No corner will escape her eagle eyes.
  8. If you’re scared of cats, you have a problem. There will be feline females popping in at odd hours. The real cats for a saucer of milk, and the shape shifting sorceresses for a cuppa with your love. Keep the cookies and cake handy and a smile pasted on your face.
  9. When she says I love children, maybe she really means it? Don’t be an ass, and think of Hansel and Gretel.
  10. Your girl will be mighty excited on baking day, but do check to see what’s on the menu. Her version of edibles and yours might vary a wee bit.
  11. Don’t let other love interests in your neighbourhood give you the eye you in front of her. She might turn them into frogs and toads. Jealous is not what you want this lady to be.
  12. Last but not the least sorceresses are a creation of fantasy. So one fine day youe loved one might just disappear! Poof! Who have you been dating exactly?

Ivy Logan’s Broken, Book I of the Breach Chronicles is her debut novel. Click here for more details.

Broken-Mockup-A-2 (1)

It will be published on 1st December 2017 on Amazon. Broken is part of series about a clan of blue haired sorceress from the Heichi clan, who now live in a parallel realm called Htrae. The prequel Origins- The Legend of Ava, a short story released in November 2017.

A big thank you to Ivy for this post.

I would like to post more paranormal dating advice tips so if you are an author of vampire fiction or you know a bit about Merfolk, please get in contact 🙂

photo credit: LaraGirlySkull N07/14103708925″>Wizard girl via photopin(license)

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  1. And let’s face it, you never know who might be a sorceress… you know, underneath that innocent writer thing…O_O

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