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You have no clue where the idea for your latest first draft came from.

When it first materialised inside your head your initial reaction was one of utter shock.

“Oh my goodness, this story idea is so weird,” you whispered.

A helpful loved one laughed and made the mistake of saying, “try me, I love weird stuff.”

So, you told them about your bizarre plot and strange characters. Their reaction was…


When will our loved ones learn not to ask us to talk about our weird story ideas? 

In an attempt to calm your loved one down you admitted it was a freaky tale, about some odd folk taking a bleak journey across a bizarre land and a lot of unexplained paranormal activity.

Your loved one agreed, secretly hoping this would be the last they’d hear about it.

When will our loved ones accept that we are drawn to weird stuff? 

“But there is something inviting and delicious about it,” you heard yourself saying.

You ignored the frightened look from your loved one and set to work.

So, what do I mean by a weird story? 

When doing a spot of research on weird stories (I don’t know why but my creative brain is churning out some odd stuff at the moment and the research made me feel a lot better as I was starting to worry I was bonkers,) I discovered weird fiction has its own genre.

There are other writers out there, like me, hammering out bizarre tales.

According to this article weird fiction is where the characters have either entered into a place unfamiliar to most of us, or have received such hints of the unusual that they become obsessed with the weird.

Before I talk about how you survive this literary challenge I need to warn you about what to expect.

Working on a weird story is a bitter-sweet writing experience. 

I shall explain why:

Bucket loads of self-doubt. 

If you think the self-doubt levels are bad on a bulk standard story, where no one acts a bit strange, you need to prepare yourself for a big shock.

When writing a weird tale your inner critic will go wild. Seriously, they will go nuts inside your head.

Expect the following from your inner critic:

“Is this story a joke?”

“You have really lost your marbles this time.”

“You need to talk to someone and fast!”

“Excuse me, great writer, I hate to ruin your literary party but no one is going to read this, not even weird people.”


Bucket loads of creative euphoria.

When you work on a weird tale you will experience crazy levels of creative euphoria.

Expect to mutter the following whilst at your writing desk:

“Why haven’t I written odd stuff before?”

“The buzz I am getting from writing this weird story is better than… [enter favourite pleasurable activity].

“Characters who are a bit strange are AWESOME!”

The creative high you will get from writing a weird story will be like no other.

If you want to really enjoy yourself – write something a bit strange! 

Check out this writer below who is just about to start writing a weird story.


So, how do you survive writing the weird story?

Don’t over think the weirdness or you will end up writing nothing. Just stick with it and see where your story leads you.

Don’t worry about who the hell is going to read your weird tale.

Keep in mind this fantastic quote from author H.P. Lovecraft.

There will be always be a certain small percentage of persons who feel a burning curiosity about unknown outer space, and a burning desire to escape from the prison-house of the known and the real into those enchanted lands of incredible adventure and infinite possibilities which dreams open up to us, and which things like deep woods, fantastic urban towers and flaming sunsets momentarily suggest.’

Remember what you think is weird might be normal to some readers.

Weird characters are interesting and are always bound to stick in the minds of your readers.

Stop questioning why you are writing something a little strange.

Read this amazing paragraph from an article on weird stories. It explains what writing about strange stuff is all about.

Just as in real life, things don’t always quite add up, the narrative isn’t quite what we expected, and in that space we discover some of the most powerful evocations of what it means to be human or inhuman. 

Embrace your weird tale and enjoy the creative ride!

Have a great day writers!


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Still waiting for the Sleepless in Seattle film sequel. Romcom Author. Book Blogger. Mum of teens. Owned by a golden Labrador.

31 thoughts on “How To Survive Writing The Weird Story #Writers #AmWriting

      1. Hello Lucy, I’m fine thanks – just a little sore from kicking myself for deleting my blog back in April – it’s kind of tough starting over again! Hope all is well with you?

  1. One of the writers in my writing group has a talent for the weird. Her submissions surprise, delight, and sometimes horrify me. But you’re absolutely right. The ideas that happen in her brain stretch my own world view. I don’t choose horror or speculative fiction for my own reading list very often. Though I am interested in the odd, more ghost story, extrasensory perception, unexpected gifts etc. But, my writing friend writes post-apocolytic and mind-bending stuff. I sincerely enjoy reading her work. I haven’t tried to write too many “out there” things myself. But, I’m open to the ideas if they arrive. I’ll need to save your post as a survival guide when it happens!

    1. Your writing friend sounds interesting 🙂 I think I am going through some of literary change as my romances are getting darker and weirder. Not sure whether I should worry about this. Thank you for reading and sharing my posts. Happy Sunday 🙋🏼

      1. Did I ever tell you one of my favorite quotes of all time? I feel like I mentioned it somewhere, but here it is again: from a five-year-old, “You know, everybody is somebody else’s weirdo.”
        So, I say, let your dark weirdness out to play!

  2. Hahah seriously Lucy, its like you’re on the same page as me!! I’m writing this super weird romance that I am too embarrassed to tell ANYONE about. I don’t even know why I enjoy writing it so much hahah. I was thinking of publishing it under a pseudonym one day just to see what people think haha

    1. I am 12k into my weird romance and I am suffering. The demons are out in force. Weird stories are hard. I also enjoy writing it. So glad there is someone else out there like me.

      Do you ever do any guest posts? I would love to see you on my blonde blog 🤗

      1. You sound so much like me with the demons!! My weird story has somehow jumped to 40k as I can’t stop myself going back to it again and again. A lot of effort for something I don’t feel I can publish haha. I’d love to find out what you’re writing just so I won’t feel so weird lol!

        Yes I’ve done guests posts before! I would absolutely love to contribute to your blog!! (especially as I’m a blonde, makes a lot of sense). What would you have in mind?

      2. Oh my goodness – would love to talk about my weird romance with you! It’s tough finding other writers out there who are writing weird stuff like me. Are you on email?

        *Beaming smile* – any post on writing would be amazing! I love your posts! So informative and fun to read. My Twitter does go a bit mad when I post a guest post so would have to warn you there would be a lot of tweet admin for you. I like to include the guest blogger’s twitter handle in the title and I go on an active Facebook group who go a bit nuts with my posts. Let me know 🤗

      3. Yes I’m on email!! Ok we absolutely have to share our weird stories ☺ would you like a serious post or a cat gif post? I can do either one for you! ☺☺

    1. Thank you for reading. I do love your Instagram feed Otto. Just thought I would slip that in, beautiful photos. Yes it’s coming along nicely thanks. There’s a wonderful magic which arises from writing weird characters.

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