How To Accept Weird Stuff Starts Happening Once You Become A #Writer #AmWriting


Once I became a writer weird stuff started happening to me. When I say weird stuff I mean unexplained things, unusual situations, bizarre hunches and crazy feelings.

In order to prove that I am not the only writer out there experiencing weird stuff  I thought I would write this blog post on the subject.

*Lowers blonde head and mutters something about not wanting to be the only writer dealing with unexplained things.*

Let me explain something which occurred last week. I have spent the last two months working on a new first draft. It’s been a tough draft to work on… actually I am going to be honest and use a naughty word – it has been a bloody nightmare! Things have not run smoothly, characters have run riot, I have been FORCED to research stuff and my heartstrings have been left in tatters.

Once I typed ‘The End’ I was so relieved my creative suffering was over I considered throwing a ‘My Painful First Draft Is Finished’ Party. However as I was emotionally and physically wrung out I decided to bury the draft in the garden and promise myself to never look it at it again…ever!

In this epic romance tale (*sigh*) of mine, the main female character paints a lot and one of her paintings features a bicycle. This oil painting crops up quite a bit and plays a significant role in the story. In my draft I wrote about a vintage bicycle, baby pink, with thin white tyres, a basket, brown leather saddle, a bell and white handle bars.

Whilst I was cooking tea for my loved ones and thinking about this first painful draft, which I had just finished, my youngest daughter comes to me with her iPad. She thrusts the screen at me and says “I have decided I want a new bike for my birthday and that is the one I want.” Staring back at me was the EXACT bicycle from my story! My mouth fell open in surprise and the box of frozen turkey burgers fell to the floor. Don’t you think this is weird?

For noting – I don’t talk about my writing to any of my loved ones, my daughter has never shown any interest in bikes…until now and the turkey burgers were on special offer in my local supermarket when I was feeling thrifty. 

This bicycle situation is an example of the weird stuff that happens to me.

I also experience:

  • Meeting characters from my stories in normal day-to-day life.
  • Writing about certain places and then magically seeing them appear in the news or on TV.
  • Writing about a character and being so caught up on their story I actually get the feeling they are stood behind me. When I look round there no one is there.
  • Hearing songs from my draft novel playlist on the radio when I am having a bad writing day.

After a lot of consideration I have come to the conclusion that weird stuff is going to happen once you become a writer.

As writers we drift between normal life and the fictional world so there’s bound to be some crossover. We get so involved in our stories and lives of fictional characters it’s no surprise parts of them bleed into our normal life.

Weird stuff could be a sign ideas are trying to get our attention. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’ she refers to ideas as being ‘disembodied energetic life-forms’ which search for ‘available and willing human partners.’ Could these weird occurrences be a sign that our ideas are trying to grab our attention? Maybe my first draft is trying to tell me something?

Writers are always on the look out for unusual situations or odd people. I actually think God knows this and increases our quota for weird stuff. 

So I think when you wake up one morning and announce to your sleeping loved one that you are going to become a writer (like I did) you have to accept your life will not be the same again.

Weird stuff is great novel fodder. We shouldn’t be worried or shocked when odd things happen to us. They need to be written down and shovelled into our creative projects.

Have a great day all!

Has anything weird happened to you?  Please let me know I am not the only one experiencing weird stuff 🙂


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52 thoughts on “How To Accept Weird Stuff Starts Happening Once You Become A #Writer #AmWriting

  1. Well, Lucy, either you’re a conduit to the great cosmic consciousness (a distinct possibility) or your awareness is heightened because you’re tapping into your creativity (another distinct possibility) or else weird stuff just happens when you’re a writer. You’re not the only one–here’s a for instance. While I was working on a novel years ago I flipped through a coffee-table book at a local bookstore and saw my main character staring back at me. I mean, the exact and perfect embodiment of my main character. All right, then: I bought the book. 🙂

  2. OMG yes, yes to it all!! After I’d finished the first book in my trilogy I was watching a new film release which had an exact replica of the demon tombs I’d written about. I’d even sketched it out in my notebook so I could picture it better, and then there it was, on the big screen, EXACTLY as I’d drawn it!! 😳😃

  3. I don’t know whether writers are more AWARE of what’s going on around them and begin to notice the bizarre stuff that makes up the “real world” or if we become writers because bizarre stuff keeps happening to us that we have to write down. I suppose its another chicken/egg thing.
    Either way, it sure makes the world a much more magical place to inhabit doesn’t it?

  4. I’ve had life imitating art, as in events start happening to me or other people I know which I had only imagined in my fiction. Which is a bit harrowing, since I write crime fiction. (OK, I haven’t had anyone murdering me yet, or me murdering someone, but it was a bit freaky).

  5. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    Since I was a born writer, I guess I can attribute a lifetime of weirdness to my calling. It has nothing to do with me. How about you? Do you relate to this at all?
    xx Rowena

  6. Thanks for putting this together and letting the cat out of the bag.
    Funny you should mention the bicycle.These bikes are getting fairly popular where we live and I was thinking of getting a pink one myself. I mentioned this to my husband who reminded me that I had a neglected mountain bike in the garage which has gears. However, this pink bike has a sense of style and for me a touch of Paris, which my mountain bike definitely lacks in spades.
    I don’t really write much fiction, other than flash and I base that on real life, rather than the other way. However, I have written a few poems which would fall into the psychic realm. That was rather disturbing as I didn’t know the girl I wrote the poem about very well and I didn’t know that she had a dead sister who was a poet and the whole thing freaked me out a bit. It took me more than a year to give her the poem and it blew her away.
    I have mentioned about writing or thinking inbetween the lines before and I think most serious creatives do that. We see things that other people don’t see. Feel what they don’t feel. It can be very unsettling and hard to explain at times.
    I also strongly believe we need to be careful with this thinking and not indulge it too much, or it can mess with our heads. That we need to ensure we can still get back to the “real world” and be somewhat grounded. I do quite a lot of what I call creative cross-training but I know that if I press too many buttons at once, it’s very hard to get my kids to and from school on time. I end up someplace else.
    Has that been your experience as well?
    xx Rowena

      1. You’re welcome, Lucy. It’s something that concerns me greatly and I feel requires more attention in our creative community.

  7. Weird stuff you say…like Deja vu moments like the ones you mention, having imaginary conversations with two twins, one of whom is deceased and really having a go at me for that, waking up in the middle of the night after reading an elegy on a tombstone and thinking WRITING PROMPT, pretending to be a writer and drinking coffee by the barrel and yet not doing so as mugs stack up going cold as a plot thickens, going out at night and recalling in my book that was real stupid as terrible tings lurk in the book…of was that reality…book or real… blurring…

    Nope definitely not had any of those things happening #indenial 🙂

    Super post indeed !!

  8. Hi Lucy, I’ve experienced exactly this sort of weirdness a number of times during the course of writing my first two books. The spookiest was when writing a tense death scene, which involved two ravens. I was alone at the time, totally absorbed in the conflict when I hear a thud at the window. Look up to see two fighting crows hit the glass. Nearly had a heart attack. Strange or what?

    I think as writers we’re naturally more attuned to noticing things around us that are out of the ordinary. But it’s also more common than you think for our perception to place greater significance on the things we’re thinking about (either subconsciously or consciously) and ignore stuff that’s of less interest.The more aware our brains become of a seemingly coincidental event the more likely it is to occur. A bit like when you buy or are thinking about buying a new car and you start seeing the exact same model and colour as yours everywhere you go. Apparently, it’s a common phenomenon called Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. Sorry if that spoils some of the magic. Though it doesn’t explain other more ghostly experiences I’ve encountered in the past.

  9. I’ll need you to imagine me living a life of luxury, blogging from a cottage by the sea, with nary a financial concern. And then I shall wait for it to happen. LOL! Seriously, though, I’ve been told I’m clairvoyant because what I create in my head most times appears on the canvas that is life.

    1. Oh my goodness Melissa! The hairs on my neck are on end. I love how what you create in your head appears on the canvas of life. I think we both need to start writing stories about luxury homes, fancy tropical holidays and sudden financial windfalls 😂

      1. Ha! I’ve been hearing about the power of the mind for years and rarely paid much attention to it…but I’m at a point in life where I can actually SEE my thoughts manifest. I’m working on reprogramming my brain. It’s too powerful to wield willy nilly. 😀

  10. Meeting characters from your novel is the best, unless it’s the gun toting cartel villain, then not so much fun. Actually I’m back in the U.S. for the summer so I’ll probably run into the unassuming “boy next door” CIA agent. *swoon ☺️
    I can so relate to your little “freak flag”. Congrats on finishing another draft. My new draft is an unfinished cookbook, My Baja Kitchen. (No humans will be harmed in this draft.)

    1. Yay! You are like my creative fairy godmother as you always appear when I am feeling 😔 Nice to see you Tracey, hope you run into the unassuming ‘boy next door’ CIA agent! Sadly he will tell you he’s with me 😜

  11. This hasn’t happened to me, but I don’t write much fiction. It’s like the universe is affirming how important your stories are.
    That featured image really goes with the post. Great choice!

  12. How many drafts are you at now? All of this happens to me, plus I’m working on a fiction piece or novel plots, and then I read a book where it’s already been written, ha! Then I eat some ice-cream and have a rethink.

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