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10 Thoughts on First Kisses in Romance Books #firstkisses #AmReadingRomance

#firstkisses #romance

The first kiss between a romance book’s main characters is a huge turning point for a romance story. Up until this point both the hero and heroine will have been denying their true feelings, casting smouldering looks and giving each other weird tingling sensations.

It won’t have been easy for the characters as the author will have been busy chucking a myriad of life obstacles at their characters, designed to keep them apart and to keep the reader guessing about when they will get their romance fix.

However, there will come a point in the story where the hero and heroine will suddenly find themselves in close proximity of each other. Hearts will start to gallop, hopes will get raised, temperatures will rise and you, the reader, will be standing on their sofa, book in hand, screaming “JUST KISS HER!”

Here are ten thoughts on the first kisses in romance books:


  1. The need for awkwardness. An essential ingredient for any first kiss. I know the awkward first kiss might be regarded as a movie trope, but I think this is what happens in real life. Praise to those authors who bring in a touch of reality to their character’s first kiss and don’t opt for the standard ‘their lips brushed against each other.’  In real life there is always some unplanned head bump, a clash of noses or some confusion about whether to keep eyes open.
  2. Surprise. The best first kisses are those that are unexpected, unplanned and happen in the most unromantic settings. They happen when faces are close up and hearts are pounding inside chests. Think car parks, supermarket aisles, hall ways, getting furniture out of vans and doorways.
  3. Characters must talk nonsense in the kiss build up. I think this is a must for book characters. Who doesn’t talk gibberish when they are getting carried away with romantic tension?
  4. Urgency. I do like the urgency factor when the author creates that ‘now or never’ feeling. They have to kiss them or it will be the end of their world.
  5. Kisses cannot go to plan. The first kiss can’t always go to plan. I love it when characters step back in surprise or hesitate just a few seconds before the kiss happens. 
  6. Limbs. When you kiss someone for the first time you are so nervous you forget about what your limbs are doing or you are so wired your limbs do their own things. 
  7. Bring those senses to life. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste are all important when it comes to kissing in books. The more description the better for me. 
  8. Kiss reality check. I wish first kisses in books would include a reality check i.e. someone popping a mint seconds before they are about to kiss. 
  9. The outside world disappears. When two people who are strongly attracted to each other kiss for the first time I want to see the world around them disappear; cue the silence. They become so wrapped up in each other that they don’t even notice they are about to get run over by a bus.
  10. Post kiss. This is important. How does it end?  Does one pull away first? Do they get interrupted? Are they left thinking that they want more?

Enjoy reading your romance books!

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24 comments on “10 Thoughts on First Kisses in Romance Books #firstkisses #AmReadingRomance

  1. All great points to consider! Mine (fictional ones!)are definitely always awkward!

  2. First kiss a second last a lifetime … beyond words but trying!

  3. This reminds me of my first kiss with my husband. We were sitting together on the sofa with my cat between us. We were mutually petting the cat and both thinking about grasping each others hands, but were nervous about initiating the physical contact. Then all of a sudden we were holding hands and the cat jumped down from the sofa and the next thing we knew we were kissing. We blame it all on the cat.

  4. Great points. I think I will avoid all first kisses.

  5. Well, Lucy, I’m so glad I don’t write romance. It all sounds just too complicated.

  6. Thank goodness I don’t write romance or it would be awkward for me. 😀 😀 😀 Thanks for the pointers in case I change my mind.

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  8. They’re definitely things a writer should be thinking about.

  9. Thank you for calling out the limbs placement thing! Sometimes I think writers get so caught up in what’s happening with breath-mingling and noses bumping that if someone were to stage that kiss arms would be at their sides or could be playing a harpsichord for all we know.

    • My limbs are forever getting in the way of stuff. If I was ‘back out there’ I reckon I would go through the ‘awkward limb phase’. Thanks for reading Angela

  10. Hahaaa i read if one of your characters has been eating crab sticks … he will need to poop the minute before they go in for a kiss. A re read sorted it but it made me laugh so much I had to tell you 😂😃😄 Great tips if I ever need them I will know where to come.p.s. I thought you were on a blog break?

  11. This is really good Lucy! I hope I manage to write a book one day??!! 😊 lots of points to think about there

  12. Stephen Carstensen

    After stumbling across your ‘Kiss’ blog and the complications of that first, all important ‘first kiss’, I recall the ‘first kiss’ with my wife now of 39 years. Upon contact, it was her choice to go right to a full-on second and beyond kiss. Just last night upon going to bed, that ‘second and beyond’ continued.

  13. Angela Petch

    I have quite a large nose and I always worried about that. But we’re still together after 42 years, so I think my nose wasn’t an issue.
    Another great blog.
    Why have I only just discovered you?
    Great stuff – keep it coming!

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