15 Things You Stop Noticing When You Are Trying to Finish Your Book #MondayBlogs #AmWriting


Trying to finish your book is a weird stage of the literary process. Your book starts to consume you and eventually it blocks out normal life.

Here are some things you stop noticing during this strange time:

  1. The weather. You no longer feel the heat or the cold when you are getting close to finishing your book. This is the book writing stage where you can go out in the rain, without an umbrella and not notice that you are soaked to the skin after five minutes.
  2. Popular TV series. People around you will talk about some popular TV series and all you can do is stare blankly at them.
  3. Facebook. You struggle to keep up with your FB news feed and the social adventures of FB friends.
  4. Social activity of your loved one. They could be painting the town red and you wouldn’t notice.
  5. The cat’s mental state. Prior to this ‘cocoon like’ stage you were all over your cat’s changing mental state. Now you don’t bat an eyelid when it is perched on the edge of the upstairs window ledge, giving you some desperate looks.
  6. Food. You’re no longer the large foraging writer animal that you once were. The cupboards and fridge are well stocked and a loved one keeps asking whether you are sickening for something.
  7. The queue in the coffee shop. There was a time in the literary process where a queue at the coffee shop would have made you a little grumpy. However when you are close to finishing a book you start to appreciate queues as they give you a chance to think.
  8. Twitter Trends. This is the only stage in the book writing process that Twitter loses its appeal. Your own blog could be trending and you still wouldn’t notice.
  9. Price deals at the supermarket. You are in a world of your own whilst food shopping and getting a hefty discount on those frozen turkey burgers is no longer a priority.
  10. The ironing pile. You will have stopped noticing the size of the ironing pile although your loved one might claim you struggled to notice it before you started writing your book.
  11. The state of the house. When you have a book to finish you stop noticing mess and chaos around you.
  12. Clothing choices. When you are approaching the end of your book choosing an outfit that matches or is one from the past decade or past century  is no longer a priority for you. As long as you are clothed it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing.
  13. Makeup mistakes. Applying makeup correctly and avoiding things like foundation tide marks and smudged mascara were frowned upon by you at the start of the book writing process. As you enter the final book writing leg you stop noticing your makeup mistakes and hope that good friends will quietly point out that one half of your face is a noticeably different colour to the other half and one eye has smokey eye shadow and one eye doesn’t!
  14. Celebrity news. Their glitzy lives and crazy antics used to keep you entertained for hours when you were busy procrastinating during the early book writing days. Now that you are approaching the end of your book you don’t have a clue who is pregnant, who is getting divorced, who is suffering from party exhaustion and who is on a new fangled diet whereby they just eat dust.
  15. Your strange behaviour. You stop noticing your strange ways. Believe me – when you are trying to finish a novel you act odd!  Going to sit inside the shell of an old van and stare into space feels normal to you.

Enjoy those final stages of your book!

This post was written before I was struck down with a nasty vomiting bug last week. One day I shall do an interesting post on ‘Things You Stop Noticing When Suffering With a Stomach Bug!’ – sigh!

Have a wonderful day!

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47 thoughts on “15 Things You Stop Noticing When You Are Trying to Finish Your Book #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

  1. Yep, all of this. I started writing one of my books in summer and finished it in early winter. When I looked up, it was cold and snowy for some reason. The seasons changed twice on me!

  2. Good one. I wish the government could come up with something to keep those vomiting bugs away from us. Although they don’t upchuck much on a singular basis as a pack they can be downright disgusting. Oh, and did I notice you are wearing two different shoes? 😀

  3. Oh so now i have somone to blame… struck down with the winter vomiting virus with no one to blame as I know not a soul with it until now. And all your list is spot on except i always remember to eat… except today *heave*

  4. Lol spot on!! My last novel, when I was in the final stages of my first draft, my husband wanted to have me commited… All in the same week I went three days without a shower, lost 4 pounds (dispite my family living off of arbys), I fell down my stairs twice , and I ran a stop light (no one was hurt thank god!) .. mental overload! Lol the struggle is real

  5. There’s also the maniacal grin associated with the end being in sight! At that stage people tend to move sharp implements away from you.

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