Holiday Romances – The 5 Stages! #HolidayLove #romance

I am a BIG fan of holiday romances in films, fiction and in real life too (pre wedlock days obviously). Holiday romances can be both life changing and memorable.

After some extensive research for this blog post (which involved quizzing friends about their holiday romances – very tough!) I have drawn up the five stages for the standard holiday romance.

  1. Go wild. This is the stage where you realise you are on holiday and free from the drudgery of normal life. It is an amazing feeling to be stepping onto a golden beach, looking out across a crystal clear blue sea and hearing that little voice inside you whisper “oh my goodness I am on holiday!”. Suddenly you get this powerful urge to go wild! Cue an excited shriek and a leap into the air, quickly followed by an energetic swim, a variety of fancy cocktails, a good dance and topped off with some stinging sunburn and a sore head. You start to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. This is where you start rocking your new bikini and ignore the nagging doubts about the wobbly bits on your thighs, drinking too many cocktails and the photos being tagged onto Facebook showing you dancing on tables.
  2. Unexpected Meeting of Potential Holiday Love. This is the stage where you have an unexpected and unplanned meeting with your holiday love. These situations are even more magical when you have not gone looking for love, as you might have other stuff to do or have more pressing things on your mind. Personally I love romantic unions which start off with mild irritation.
  3. Holiday Romance. Holiday romances usually start two days before the other person has to fly home, so you have to cram in moonlight walks on the beach, kissing over cocktails, reading romantic poetry on a sun lounger and playing endless games of Travel Chess into a cheeky forty-eight hours. By the time a holiday romance comes to an end you are normally in need of another holiday to recover.
  4. Delusion. This is the stage there you are in the middle of your holiday romance (normally around 6 hrs in!) and delusion strikes!  Your holiday love will live 300 miles away from you back home and might even work at a different time of day or night to you.  This does not stop your imagination from running wild and visualising an idyllic future for you both. Your brain will cleverly miss out the arduous five hour journey to see each other every second weekend, the lonely nights and the stab of jealousy when you see them on Facebook enjoying a party back at home. So, as you both sip cocktails and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes all you can think about is how this holiday romance will definitely work back home. Your overdraft will stretch in some flights and train tickets.
  5. Heartbreak. Even if you decide to carry on the holiday romance back home there is always heartbreak at the airport. You are both tear stained and clinging onto each other like its your last day on Earth. They promise to write and call you everyday. In my experience your holiday love flies home days before you and the rest of your holiday goes downhill as you can’t face life without them. You end up consoling yourself over a few cheeky cocktails and then falling into the arms of some else  and crying into your pillow. The heartbreak continues as they NEVER contact you again, despite you showering them with quotes from Pinterest, tweets, instagram tags, Tumblr poetry images and WhatsApp messages.

Please let me know whether your holiday romance carried on back home or were you like me writing War & Peace every week and not hearing a thing?  Obviously this was back in the day  when we sent handwritten letters – sigh.

Have a wonderful day folks!

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35 thoughts on “Holiday Romances – The 5 Stages! #HolidayLove #romance

  1. Never had holiday romances….. Mine were all uni ones, you know, the ones where the good Indian girl is set loose without parents to hold her back!!!

      1. Lol….oh I wouldn’t say only… I may not have had holiday romances… well not in the traditional sense… but I was pretty wild when it counted! 😉 howdya think.i hooked my toyboy hubby?! 😉😅

  2. I’m still waiting for Rox to hit Vegas. There’s lots of holiday romance there. Neon light strolls down the Strip, fancy cocktails at the Venetian on a gondola under ground, micro-mini skirts with stilettos, and “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. 👠👙🕶🌞🍾
    Cheers and sequins,

  3. When I was 18, I went to stay in a cottage on Dartmoor and had a romance with a farm worker. Very innocent stuff really. The highlight of our romance was driving a flock of sheep to Widdercombe Fair, then playing silly games like pillow-fighting while sitting atop metal bars and a cowpat kicking contest! We did correspond once by letter, but my parents embarrassed me rather too much by teasing me and calling it a French letter, because his surname was French.

  4. Well now, I couldn’t tell throughout this post if you were speaking about holiday romances in novels or in real life. :p (Kind of shows my lack of knowledge in this subject. Haha!) I can’t imagine having a holiday romance, but I’m too practical for it. I already know it won’t work and so I don’t even try. :/ Kind of depressing depending on how you look at it, but it does always add for a lot of drama in novels. One of my favorites for this is Danny and Sandy in Grease. Hee hee! I love them together! ❤

    1. No real life was thrown in there. It seems that only a limited few have had holiday romances so you are not alone. I guess I enjoy getting carried away with my emotions 🙂

  5. Do working holiday romances count? A French boyfriend while picking grapes, an Italian one while au pairing, an English one on a National Trust working weekend … oh and the husband I met in Sydney.

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