How To Connect With Your Inner Biker Chick #MondayBlogs #bikergirl #Motivation

I have been wanting to connect with my inner biker chick for sometime. If I am honest I don’t have the time to connect with my inner biker chick what with being a mother, a wife, a pet owner, working full-time, being a writer, a blogger and now a podcaster. There are not enough hours in the day. Anyway you will all be glad to know that I have now resolved this situation.

Your inner biker chick is your wild, leather clad, rebellious side which sometimes needs to come out to shake things up a bit.

We all have an inner bike chick inside of us and sometimes we get a powerful urge to connect with her, even though there might not be a motorbike in sight.

So, I thought I would do a blog post on how you can connect with your inner biker chick:

Biker Chick Mindset:

  • Take action!  Biker chicks don’t sit around waiting for something to happen – they do it themselves. So start writing that book, launch that blog or record that podcast TODAY!
  • Shun the expectations! Strong badass biker chicks don’t worry about what others think of them. So lose the concern over what people expect you to do or be in life. Focus that concern on being you and defining who you are!
  • Think confidently and act confidently. Imagine you are leather clad and sat on a monstrous bike – you can’t look uncertain and troubled in this scenario. Get that badass biker chick look in your eye, take some deep breaths, wear a stern smile and look like you ready for anything!
  • Exercise your free spirit. Practice freeing yourself from daily drudgery – in my book this means housework!


Biker Chick Wardrobe:

  • You want to be rocking the classy / edgy biker style.
  • Aim for the iconic black leather biker jacket, white t-shirt and skin-tight leather trousers. Roxy struggled with this look but fair play she gave it a go!
  • Finish off with some black shades and killer heels (in my head killer heels sound fab but in reality I will be crippled within half an hour).

Biker Chick Makeup:

  • It is all about the smokey eyes for biker chicks. So check out this fab tutorial. 
  • For nails I love these black studded nail creations.


Have a great day!

Just going to get my leathers on and then have a nice soothing cup of tea whilst doing a gentle crossword.


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Still waiting for the Sleepless in Seattle film sequel. Romcom Author. Book Blogger. Mum of teens. Owned by a golden Labrador.

33 thoughts on “How To Connect With Your Inner Biker Chick #MondayBlogs #bikergirl #Motivation

  1. I can see you being a biker chick Lucy – in all that leather and being rebellious. I mean not washing socks – how rebellious can you be?
    I hope you had a great weekend – Have a happy Monday! 🙂

      1. Ah, I did wonder if it was Sacha. Despite the cute voice I detected the accent.
        I loved how you put on all the voices. You brought it to life. It’s a great job you’ve done! ☺

  2. I had my brush with being that biker chick in high school. I was the consummate nerd, but spent my summers with a biker dude. It was my good girl rebellion. Didn’t last, broke up when I was off to college. But still….Years later, hubby and I rode off-road motorcycles for years in Utah. ☺ Your post is a good one. 💖

  3. Having met you twice now I’d say your outer biker chick is in good nick… PS am planning on a massive Roxy fix in due course when time permits. Will let you know what I think!!

  4. Reading this made me so excited; I wanted to go out and buy leather! I’m a leather lover anyway, so it’s not that I need much encouragement to invest. I think in our little family, I’m the family badass because I’m the most adventurous. I think I could do better, though. I actually would love to get my license to ride a bike. I wanted it by time I turned 30, and I’m actually a year late. I have my father to blame for stirring that desire in me; he’s a biker. He’s been biking before I came on the scene, and the thrill of being on a bike was never lost on me, even 20 some years later.

    I’m going to look back on this entry every time I feel myself getting… vanilla. Thanks for writing this post!

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