5 Stages of a Notebook Addiction #Writer #WritersLife

#newnotebook #writer #writerslife

As I writer I am constantly fighting my notebook addiction. I can’t walk past a stationary shop without buying a new notebook.

I thought it would be fun to document the 5 stages of a notebook addiction.

  1. Darkness. The craving for a new notebook will usually occur during a period of writer darkness. Things will not be going well in Writer Land, your creativity levels will have flatlined, your emotions will be scrambled and everything will feel dark and gloomy. Is there any light at the end of this literary tunnel?
  2. Notebook Craving. Your fingers will start to itch and you will find yourself getting that familiar new notebook craving. You will be longing for one of the following notebook types: a) beautiful and sparkly or b) strong and leather-bound (sigh!) or c) arty / stylish / giving off that intellectual vibe. The sight of your old notebook will make you groan as you sit down to write in it. The look and feel of it will just add to your writer gloom. You will be craving something new and fresh. It’s important to note at this stage that a notebook can be relegated to the old notebook pile in a couple of days or in some cases hours, it doesn’t take much for this to happen. Also you can still experience powerful notebook cravings despite having half a forest already sitting on your shelves. For some poor tortured souls these will be mostly beautiful unused  notebooks.
  3. Unrealistic Expectations. This is the stage where you place some unrealistic expectations on a new notebook. You will start saying things like ‘a new notebook will turn my unfinished novel around’ and ‘a new notebook will inspire me to come up with some amazing ideas’. You might add some unrealistic expectations to it by saying stuff like ‘I am going to buy a new notebook just so that I can jot down some blue sky  thinking’ or ‘a new notebook will make me look intellectual and arty!’. Yawn. You are kidding yourself – big time!
  4. Notebook Buying Frenzy. The decision will have been made and you enter into a notebook buying frenzy. Cue the quick breathing, intense stare and excited fingers. The buying frenzy will either be done online or it will get too much for you resulting in you downing tools to nip up the shops. For some writers the urge to have a fresh notebook, with empty white pages is so powerful it can bring on some quick bursts of activity; the writer flying into town and hunting down those nice posh stationary shops. If you make a notebook purchase online then you will be forced to wait a couple of days for it to be delivered. This will be painful. Cue your room pacing, anxious checks of the letter box and night sweats. It’s important to note that all writing will stop until the new notebook arrives.
  5. Light and Joy. Your new notebook will be in your hands and you will be sat in a corner whispering and caressing it. There will be light and joy in Writer Land. After whispering some sweet nothings to it you will prance around the room hugging your pretty and sparkly or strong and leather-bound new notebook. Oh what joy! You will sigh as you sit down to write in your new untainted notebook. As you carefully open your new notebook a little voice, deep inside will say ‘it is too pretty / stylish to write in’ and that will be it! You will let out another a sigh and place your new notebook on the shelf, along with the other beautiful looking unused notebooks

Take care with this sort of addiction writers!

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48 thoughts on “5 Stages of a Notebook Addiction #Writer #WritersLife

  1. Oh my days… I didn’t know, I had not recognised this as a condition. Seriously I read your post with usual candour, tongue in cheek and tear in eye then I went to my writing space, the almost dressing room office place and looked. On the surface just glancing around , I see three , after ten minutes I found eight, six are unused but waiting. Can I get counselling? I’ll buy a notebook especially for the sessions yes that’s what I shall do. Thank you for opening my eyes. P.s. where did you get the one with bobble ties from?

    1. Oh my goodness you are one of the poor souls (like me) who buy them and leave them unused….I am so sorry you had to find this out about yourself. It’s not easy. The best therapy is…..to buy more!

    2. ‘Blue sky thinking’ – ha! Fab post. I definitely get the quick breathing thing. Glad it’s not just me…😂 xx

  2. I have a row of hard bound notebooks in a special box. Had them for years but cannot bear to write in them because my handwriting is rubbish and they are too e.l.e.g.a.n.t. On the other hand, I have a truckload of 6 by 9″ spiral notebooks I seem to collect and love scribbling in them. 😀

  3. Haha! This is too funny. :p I definitely used to suffer from notebook addiction. It’s easy to tell from the box of my ‘childhood’ stuff where there are at LEAST two dozen mini notebooks. :p However, I don’t do this anymore. Having ‘adulted’ into my writing abilities,(whatever that means >.>) I have taken to using a single notebook for each series I’m writing. Granted, I’m writing 5 and have ideas for at least 3. So… there’s like 8 notebooks and then there’s my graduate school notebook and a few extra notebooks (from undergrad). So there’s probably like… 12 notebooks, but they’re not fancy. They’re like the kind kids buy for class to fill with worthless information on tests. (I just never actually took notes. So I have lots of paper left :p)

      1. Haha! But I now utilize them more appropriately than I used to. ^.^ It’s much easier to keep novel series in order when each one gets a notebook rather than having dozens of loose-leaf pages scattered about the house. :p

  4. I’m one of the afflicted. And I have a thing for leather ones. If you can’t find me, I’m the one standing in the store sniffing the leather notebooks…..

    Is there a condition for those of us who are also crazy unorganized with the contents of the notebooks? Folded pages, random post-it notes, notebook papers hanging out??

    1. Hello fellow afflicted notebook addict! I love sniffing books in general so I can relate to notebook sniffing. Yes your issue is a condition, am also suffering too 🙂 thx for reading and commenting! Happy Tuesday

  5. I definitely have the ‘new notebook addiction’. I have so many pretty, cute, unusual ones. I look at them, imagine what I’d write in them, then put them back in my notebook basket. Then I get my regular old spirals to scribble in, leave post-its in, doodle in, and make notes in. I can’t resist a new one…ever! 🙂

  6. I have a whole bookshelf full of them! Some are written in, some are not, but there’s always room for one more. TKMaxx has shelves of them, leather bound or liberty print, large and small. Love notebooks 🙂

  7. Oh all the pretty notebooks…. I’m currently in the craving stage. Seriously considering a shopping trip. I barely have any new notebooks left, and that’s not a situation that sits comfortably. I am an addict. I admit it. 🙂

  8. Was feeling superior about this addiction until I realized, I have at least 8 within arms reach and that’s not counting the cutest little reading journal my friend sent me for my birthday. It seems I have a bit of a problem. Tee hee.

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